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5 Immediate Signs an Agent is Right For You

By Guest Author | May 15, 2015

Love at first sight. Other than a few romantics like myself, an idea that many are losing faith in. We are taught to analyze all data, every angle, and all information to make the best decision possible before making any move. Would this person complement my personality style? What is their occupation? Will we be able to be financially stable? Will they be a good parent?


These are all valid questions and should be thoroughly examined when choosing a life partner. But, I am still a believer that in some cases there is a natural ignition of love when two destined-to-be individuals first set their gaze upon each other.

When choosing a real estate agent love might not be on your mind. But, can there be a love at first sight esque moment when you meet an agent? I believe there definitely is.

Getting to know the agent and how they can help you is definitely important. But there are 5 immediate signs that this agent will be right for you and deserves your undivided attention:

Exudes Confidence

If there is one thing that each successful agents has, its confidence. You are making the most important financial decision of your life, it can’t be left in that hands of a timid individual. You need an agent that can go to bat for you at all times, no matter what. An agent with confidence is telling you they have 3 things:

  1. A history of success
  2. Knowledge
  3. A Network

These are crucial characteristics for successfully buying or selling your home.

Personalized Presentation

This is an important one. Some agents have their specific way of handling each client or listing the same way, every time. This can be good for some clients, but it might not work for others. Also, it just shows a sense of laziness.

When an agent has taken the time to study your information and create a personal presentation based off what they have learned, you can rest assured they are taking your situation seriously. They understand that your time, and theirs, is extremely valuable. Time will not be wasted. Trust me, the process can be strenuous enough. You don’t need a lazy agent dragging it on.

Marketing Plan

The market can be very competitive, especially with the increasing usage of online home searches. Buyers are sipping their coffee and looking for their home in the comfort of their living rooms. Marketing your home for sale is no longer basic.

Agents that have knowledge and examples of how they can effectively market your home is vital. The more visible your home is to the right audience, the better chance you have to sell it for the right price. Having your home listed in real estate purgatory can be demoralizing. If an agent has knowledge of all types of marketing and examples, you want to seriously pay attention.

Provides Proof

Real estate is a “what have you done for me lately” kind of industry. So, what has the prospective agent done lately? If an agent provides data and proof from recent homebuyers or sales, you know that have been recently successful. Pay attention to how long their listings stay on the market. Do they provide testimonials from all types of clients? Do they address bad reviews?

An upfront and honest agent can be a pleasure to work with. No one hits a homerun with every situation. But, when an agent provides proof of their success and failures, they are being open with you. This results in a great working relationship.


You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. But, you can get a read on someone with a short conversation. You will learn a lot about an agent within the first few moments of your interaction especially their personality.

While working with a real estate agent is mostly about business, it is important that they have a personality as well. What is a viable personality will determine on the type of agent you want to work with. But, it is important to work with an agent that complements your personality and you can build a relationship with. Within a short time of your meeting, you will know if this is the beginning of a beautiful thing. Not that you should rule them out if they are not the most personable individual. But we are talking about love at first sight.

Choosing an agent is not something to take lightly. But knowing to check for these signs will help you know the meeting is worth it.


About the author: Caleb McElveen is a writer for, a source for real estate advice.

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