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5 Important Factors to Consider When Evaluating Your Real Estate Leads

By Jamie Richardson | April 22, 2022

Leads are the lifeblood of the real estate industry, and yet there are different levels of value represented by each one that you generate. Knowing how to evaluate leads is therefore an important skill; just as crucial as generating them in the first place.

With that in mind, let’s look at how to handle lead generation, and what aspects you have to analyze when carrying out an evaluation.

Getting more real estate leads

The good news is that in the modern era, generating real estate leads is easier thanks to the wealth of lead management software solutions and communication platforms that have emerged to streamline and automate much of this process.

It’s also possible to generate leads through cross-collaboration with other agents and realty firms. Organizations have realized that this can be mutually beneficial, even if it seems counterproductive to provide sale leads to potential competitors.

Looking into location

Location is perhaps the single most important aspect of any real estate transaction, and so your leads have to be evaluated based on the area they are looking to buy in.

Obviously, if the neighborhood, town, city, or state is one in which you have existing experience, ties and expertise, this will make it much easier to satisfy the needs of leads and convert them into clients.

Likewise, you’ll want to demonstrate your local knowledge in order to maximize the impact that your use of referral software has on the sale leads that you secure.

Establishing the motivation behind the move

Another factor that will determine whether a lead offers a higher chance of conversion is the reason behind their decision to buy a home.

Perhaps a buyer is looking to snap up their first property. Perhaps they are nearing retirement and considering downsizing. Perhaps they want to invest their cash and get a return from owning real estate to rent out or flip.

This info can not only indicate how well-poised they are to make a purchase, but also what kind of property will be the right match for their needs and budget.

Getting a sense of the budget

Talking of budget, this is important for realtors to nail down with prospective clients sooner rather than later. Knowing how much a would-be buyer has to spend, and what their financial circumstances are like at the moment, will indicate what they can afford and how quickly they’ll be able to strike if the right property comes onto the market.

The affordability of a mortgage on a property is not the only thing that a client will want to ascertain, as there are all sorts of other pressures and preferences at play in shaping their decision here.

Your role as an agent is to ensure that they have a realistic budget, and are willing to commit to spending it when the time comes.

Sniffing out competitor interest

Plenty of house hunters don’t just work with one agent to find their dream home but could be stringing along with several property experts as part of this process.

You can evaluate leads based on this aspect, and there’s no harm in asking them outright about any preexisting relationships they might have with your rivals.

Phrasing this question tactfully, so as not to make it sound like an accusation but more of a genuine query about how they are handling the house buying process so far, is wise.

With all that in mind, evaluating leads as a realtor should not be a daunting prospect, and could help you to generate and convert valuable customers in greater numbers.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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