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5 Reasons You Need a Home Inspection Before You Buy

By Jamie Richardson | January 23, 2019

In some states and counties, you don’t have to have a piece of property inspected before it is bought and sold. This lack of a requirement pretty much makes seller’s disclosure statements not even worth the paper they are printed on. You can walk through a property, find out when the HVAC system was replaced, and even inquire with the neighbors, but you can’t know the history of a property just by looking at it. Even with new constructions, it makes a lot of sense to pay the price it costs to have a home inspection, as you truly don’t know what will be uncovered. Check out these five brutally honest reasons you need to have a licensed property inspector look over any property you are thinking about investing in.

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1. Issues Can Go Overlooked

When people visit with their primary doctors once a year, it is generally for preventative measures. Property inspections are basically the same thing. Everything on the day might look okay but that is not an assumption you can just blindly make when you are about to buy. Various kinds of issues can go overlooked and unnoticed by previous owners as well as builders, so have an inspection to know for sure.

2. Getting More Leverage During Price Negotiations

It can be mildly unnerving to learn that the home you are interested in buying requires more work than you thought but this is quite a normal occurrence. Home sellers will add all sorts of incentives into the sales contracts on their homes to help entice buyers and keep the process moving along. So, if something is uncovered during an inspection, there’s a good chance that the seller will go ahead and have it fixed or earmark money to have the problem rectified. 

3. The Original Owner May Not Be Aware

Even with new home constructions, you need to have an inspection to cover the bases. With these Chicago engineers, home buyers have access to oodles of documents that lay out how each property was built to code and inspected. By contrast, very few properties that you look at are going to have such tangible and verifiable documentation on hand.

4. Anything Can Happen Behind the Walls

Remember that a leak can start between the walls, originate in the ceiling, or flood the basement. You can’t see termites either, but they can do loads of lasting damage. Home inspections uncover everything that may not meet the eye. It is best to get one and find that you didn’t need it rather than need one and not find out until it is too late.

5. Being Safe Rather Than Sorry

People get home inspections for the very same reason that they carry homeowners insurance or have their roofs inspected annually. No one wants to make a decision that is going to follow them for many years or have a negative impact on the property that they own. With a home inspection report in hand, you can buy the property or walk away; in both cases, you will have much more insight.

It is very risky to purchase any type of real estate without having an inspection done. In fact, it is more than the inspection itself that can tell you about the kind of transaction you are about to involve yourself in. See how the owner of the property reacts when you tell them that you want to have an inspection done before proceeding.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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