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5 Unique Ideas to Keep in Mind When Customizing Your New Home

By Guest Author | November 6, 2015

Being a new homer is a very exciting time. One part of the experience that can certainly be exciting is having the ability to customize your new house so it matches your ideas for your dream home. You can really set your imagination free. Below are a few unique ideas for customizing your home you should consider.


Use the Space Under You Staircase

One part of a home that often goes unmodified is the staircase. Typically, there is a lot of hollow space under most stair cases that goes unused. One unique customization idea is to use that space for something substantive. For example, you could convert the stairs into a series of book cases. Alternatively, you could convert that space into an indoor dog house or a cozy spot for a guest bed.

Crown Molding

One thing that can certainly give a home a lot of elegant panache is crown molding. It can give a room a much more finished look and can really highlight a beautiful ceiling. Unfortunately, most newly constructed homes do not come with crown molding. Thankfully, installing crown molding isn’t that expensive or difficult.

Curved Specialty Windows

Almost every new house has the same rectangular windows. One good choice for customization is to install curved specialty windows form a company that specializes in them like Arch Design. A window with a curved arch on the top will certainly pop both indoors and out. It can really bring the design of a room and the house as a whole together.

Add a Hidden Room

If you really want to tap into your sense of adventure, consider converting a small room or some extra space in your house into a hidden room. You could, for example, put a book case in front of a hidden door that only certain people will know how to open. Alternatively, you could build the hidden door into the inside of a dresser ala C.S. Lewis. This can make a great playroom for children or a secret chill out hideaway for adults.

A See-Through Bathtub

See-through shower doors are common place, but did you know you can own a see-through bathtub as well? Designs for see-through bathtubs made out of glass and other transparent materials are now available. It can be surprising to guests and exciting for couples.

Overall, you should have fun customizing your new home. There really are no limits as long as you try to find ways to bring your unique design ideas to life.


About the author: Rachelle Wilber is a freelance writer living in the San Diego, California area. She graduated from San Diego State University with her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Media Studies. For specialty window installation, she recommends using a company such as Arch Design that specializes in custom window design and installation. Follow her on twitter: @RachelleWilber

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