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5 ways to deal with eviction

By Guest Author | March 22, 2016

The word ‘eviction’ sounds scary for many renters. Simply keeping up with your obligations and accountabilities as a renter makes it almost impossible that you will go through with the pain of eviction. But, eviction is at times the only solution to rental issues, but there are some ways through which you can shun being dispossessed as a tenant, especially in the case of illegal eviction.


Let’s check them out:

Carefully read the laws in your state

If you get an eviction notice, make sure you carefully read Landlord and Tenant Act. Take the copy of this act and read every single line thoroughly. The landlord and renter acts usually come with lengthy sections that clearly describes about the process of eviction. You can get the copy from attorney general’s website or from your local courthouse. While reading the act, pay special attention to the segments on illegal evictions. If you are a victim of this, you have the right to take legal action against your landlord for your damages.

Get everything in written form

As a renter it is your responsibility to keep the records of everything. Whenever your landowner sends you a notice, keep it safely. If he/she speaks to you personally, note down the nature, date and time of the visit. Also keep the copies of your rental slips as an evidence of your on-time rent payment. Carefully read the rental agreement and click the pictures of property. This will help you to fight strongly against illegal eviction.

Seek advice from a landlord tenant attorney

If you get trapped in eviction which is completely against the law, take the help of a landlord tenant lawyer. If your pocket is not allowing you to hire a private legal representative, you can get legal support from aided government institutions. These organizations provide you legal aid at a reduced cost. After hiring a lawyer, show all the documents and ask for the best possible remedy.

Negotiate on personal level

If you get the written notice of an eviction it is better to discuss the terms with landlord himself. Don’t overlook the fact that eviction costs your landlord money. If you contest the eviction, landlord may have to legal fees to secure a new tenant. Therefore, in such situations, your landlord might be opened to discuss the negotiation.

Dealing with an eviction

You made best possible efforts to beat eviction, but the local court has given the decision in favor of the landlord. As a tenant, prepare for this in advance and make arrangements for your dwelling. The time duration of eviction differs from state to state, but some most of the areas give the renter at least 48 hours to depart the premises.

Final word

Eviction is painful especially for a newbie. If you get stuck into this trap, remember these tips and come out of it without losing your money, sleep and happiness on the top.

About the author: Amaya Bell is an experienced writer who loves to write on different topics such as Real Estate, Travel tips and tips for how to find perfect Rent Apartments in London.

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