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6 Alternative Real Estate Investments for the Outside-the-Box Investor

By Jamie Richardson | February 15, 2022

For years, investors have looked to real estate for certain returns on their investments. With real estate prices increasing, investors look for out-of-the-box alternative options. These six unique investments provide new ideas for investors who want to diversify their portfolios while still inside the real state market. 


Farm-to-table never looked so green. Farmland offers several investment opportunities, like leasing land to farmers, holding land to sell at an increased price, or growing crops for a profit. 

Farmland will only ever grow in value because it is a limited asset. It offers stability (everyone needs to eat) and hedges against inflation. If you’re interested in reaping what you sow, you can turn to farmland REITs, look into mutual funds, or consider investing in farmland with Farmfolio, a company enabling investors to own farmland more directly without the hassle.

Raw land

Raw land has not been used for residential or commercial reasons. It is undeveloped and hasn’t given the previous owners any financial benefits. If you buy raw land, you have a few choices for turning a profit. You could sit on the property and sell it after it appreciates, or you can improve the property yourself and use it as you’d use any other developed land. 

Mobile home parks

Because mobile home parks offer an affordable housing option, they are incredibly popular with people who have limited incomes. Many communities suffer from a lack of affordable housing that a mobile home park investment could help mitigate. 

When you own a mobile home park, you profit from the monthly income that renters pay to park their homes on the land. You also help your community add affordable housing solutions. 

Corporate housing

Corporate housing is a unique real estate venture that offers rental properties to corporations and businesses. You act as the landlord, but you rent the properties to corporations. Most corporate housing includes utilities and furnishings. 

When people travel for business, they stay at a corporate home rather than a hotel, so they’re more comfortable and feel like they’re at home. The corporation takes care of housekeeping services and pays the rent because it is less expensive than nightly hotels. 

Short-term rental properties

Along with corporate housing, short-term rentals offer people comfortable places to stay when they’re on vacation. You can share your rental property through online platforms like Airbnb or VRBO. You’ll want your property in popular vacation destinations, especially near beaches, mountains, or amusement parks. 

To keep people coming to your rental property, you’ll want to keep it clean. Many landlords design the interior with fun themes so they can charge a premium to their short-term vacation renters. 

Long-term rentals

Some people prefer renting, and they’ll stay for the long term if it’s an option. An excellent real estate investment is in a rental property with the future in mind. These rentals can be homes, apartments, or condos. 

Wrap up

Real estate investment has proven to be lucrative, even the alternative ideas. Before investing in typical real estate, look at the alternative opportunities and how you can leverage the most income from them. 

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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