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6 Kinds of Real Estate Professionals That You Want on Your Team

By Jamie Richardson | June 21, 2020

The real estate industry might deal with physical structures, but it’s an inherently a people-centric business. Indeed, there are different kinds of people that you’ll encounter in the process of handling various properties. That’s why your company needs different “types” of real estate professionals to interface with your clients.

Obviously, there are certain non-negotiable qualities and competencies such as honesty and integrity, negotiating skills, as well as attention to detail. However, what you’re also looking for are unique personalities that can handle a diverse set of customers.

To help expand your team of talented real estate brokers and agents, here are some of the specific people that you should look for:

The Tech “Nerd”

In today’s digital world, you need real estate professionals who know the ins and outs of the world wide web. They should know where to advertise your brokerage and how to do it right. They should know where clients are looking for properties to acquire and how to use the right pictures to market listings. They should know how to create compelling materials not just to sell properties but also to sell your brokerage to other competent agents.

You should also look for agents and brokers who know how to use real estate software and digital tools.  Get Brokerkit, for example, can help manage CRM, track leads, and automate email campaigns for brokers. There are also plenty of tools that can help increase productivity and streamline processes for agents. Absolute expertise isn’t quite necessary, but you should definitely look for people who are competent enough to know their way around the Internet and apps.

The Great Communicator

As any property buyer or seller will tell you, it’s difficult to deal with someone who doesn’t know how to communicate. Keeping everyone in the loop is crucial, especially since the real estate market is a time-sensitive one. Thus, you need someone who knows not only how to stay in touch but also which details to share with clients.

A good real estate agent also knows when to stop talking and listen to their clients. Indeed, listening is the more crucial part of communication. After asking their questions, agents should stop talking and let their customers have their say in order to understand their unique needs. Lastly, a good real estate agent should know how to get a “read” on their client and adjust their communication tactics to suit the situation. 

The Problem Solver

Successful real estate professionals are those who can solve a problem for their clients. In theory, the problem is simple and essentially the same for every customer: they need help in buying or selling a certain property. Your people’s job is to identify the specific problem of each customer and then solve those issues for them. Perhaps the house that the customer is selling isn’t too marketable, or maybe the client is looking for an odd combination of features. Your new recruits should not only be willing but also creative enough to solve unconventional and individual concerns. They have to have a “make things happen” approach.

The Tour Guide

Real estate professionals must be experts about the communities where your properties are, so that they can help clients buy or sell properties more effectively. They should know what are the selling points of a certain location, whether that’s low crime rates or a concentration of good schools.

Another quality you should look for a “tour guide” real estate agent or broker is their knowledge of the local economy. Is the neighborhood undergoing gentrification? Was there a recent calamity, such as an earthquake or flood, that affected prices and demand? A candidate should know about these things so that they can confidently give their clients an assessment of how these factors can affect real estate investments.

The Entrepreneur

While your agents and brokers will be reporting to their managers, they should have a desire to be their own boss. Indeed, they should have a strong desire to be in control of their professional life. They should be motivated, disciplined, and be able to make quick, smart decisions on their own. It’s not a big problem if they need a little guidance here and there; however, in general, real estate agents and brokers should be able to work independently.

The “Bro” or “Sis”

As earlier mentioned, real estate is people-centric. Thus, your agents aren’t just selling houses, lots, and commercial properties; they’re also selling themselves. You should definitely look at hiring people who are easy to get along with and are genuine in their interest to help others. Another attribute that you should look for is the perfect balance of charm and confidence. They have to be assertive but not aggressive. Last but no less important is attention to their appearance. You’re not looking for Hollywood glamor, but your agents and brokers should definitely be skilled in grooming and presentation.

Indeed, the success of your real estate brokerage depends largely on how you choose your people. Remember these kinds of personalities when building your team to achieve your business goals.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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