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6 Low Cost But Effective Ways of Promoting Your Start up Business

By Jamie Richardson | September 4, 2017

Are you looking for low cost but effective ways to promote your startup business? Do you need to make the most of that shoestring budget?
This piece takes a look at the best ways to achieve this.

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Set up a Website
Don’t have a website right now? You’ll need to setup one. Thankfully, website design isn’t rocket science anymore. WordPress and free website builders have made it easy to set up a basic website. If your startup requires online marketing (and the number of businesses that do not require online marketing are near non-existent) you need a website. Thanks to changes in the high street, even traditional businesses now understand the need for online presence. Your website will be the focal point of all your marketing efforts.

Know Your Target Audience
The first step to effective marketing is to know your prospects and then take note of the best way to reach them. If you are targeting 40-year old parents with your business, a Snapchat marketing strategy may be the last thing your business needs. In the same way, you are more likely to find your prospects on Instagram and Twitter if they are teenagers and young adults. Which search engine will your target audience most likely search on? Do you need video marketing? By understanding you target audience and coming up with a strategy that is specifically targeted at them; you can increase your chances of success.

Set Up a Listing for Your Business
The importance of local listings cannot be overemphasised in local SEO. On Google and Bing, you can set up free local listing for your new business. Make sure all details are properly captured, including target keywords. Businesses with a local page are more than likely to be picked up by the search engines when a local search is initiated.

Create a Business Card
If you are starting out with the promotion of your business and you haven’t set up business stationery, you need to get started as fast as possible. Your business card, letterhead and envelopes are all great ways to underline your professionalism. Your business stationeries also double up as a way to spread the word about your business website and social media profile.

Become a Resource Person
Whatever niche your startup might be in, there is no searching for platforms that can allow you to offer your insights to your prospects. Request for interviews, pitch for guest posting opportunities, speak at relevant events. As these opportunities are granted, you will be able to spread word about your business on a wider scale.

Set Up an Email Service
With an email service, you will be able to send information about promotions and discount offers to your customers and prospects. Don’t have email addresses to use? Organise a giveaway and you are certain to get subscribers’ permission for you to send them promotional emails. Do not misuse the permission. Email at the appropriate times and keep their information private.
Marketing for startups is rarely straightforward but with the right strategies, it is possible to gain traction pretty quickly.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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