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6 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make in the Mortgage Process

By Jamie Richardson | December 31, 2020

As first-time homebuyers begin the tedious, complicated journey into homeownership, many find themselves overwhelmed and defeated by long to-do lists. Finding a home within a limited budget, scrounging for down payment funds, and desperately attempting credit score revival are all familiar stressors for first-time buyers. Many newbies flock to mortgage loan companies for assistance in combating unattainable real estate prices, mortgage rates and down-payment charges only to find their sub-par credit score exempts them from loan benefits. Sidestep potential roadblocks by preparing for homeownership early and researching helpful tips, practical tricks, and avoidable mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid

Despite the many hurdles first-time homebuyers experience, real estate blunders are avoidable with the right resources. For example, suppose your mortgage lender utilizes loan servicing software. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your provider uses automated services equipped to calculate and process financial errors and notify you of upcoming payments or fees. Loan servicing software free’s up your agent’s valuable time, guaranteeing you prompt, efficient customer service. Avoid common first-time buyer mistakes and enjoy your new dream home sans stress. 

Making a down payment that’s too small

Having insufficient funds is a sure-fire way to squash any potential buyer’s dream. Although you aren’t required to put 20% down on your first home, most sellers prefer more sizable down payments to ensure a smooth transaction. In addition, putting down a large initial payment can save you money in the long run and increase your chances of securing a reasonable monthly installment. Utilize the various loan options available for first-time buyers seeking financial assistance to keep you out of the red and into a new, comfortable space. 

Forgetting to check credit scores beforehand

The mortgage applications can be intimidating as first-time buyers sift through lender after lender searching for a reliable firm with affordable rates. The lending process is further complicated by potentially low credit scores—standard among first-time buyers. Avoid complications by regularly checking your credit score and staying up-to-date on bills and fees.

Choosing an adjustable-rate mortgage

Paying off a home loan is a marathon, not a sprint. Although mortgages with high monthly payments are attainable for some, first-time homebuyers should consider lower-cost adjustable-rate mortgages. Choosing an adjustable lending option benefits new homeowners by offering low initial rates and reduced monthly payments. However, buyers should be aware of fluctuating interest rates and engage in thorough comparison shopping before settling on a company to ensure maximum savings.

Starting the loan process too late

Receiving pre-approval on your home loan before serious house-hunting is highly advised by real estate agents. Starting the loan process late in the game reduces offer competitiveness

and puts unnecessary pressure on you and your loaning agent. Evade financial hang-ups and snag your dream home by getting a head-start on loan processing. 

Disregarding homeownership costs

Financing a new home is overwhelming for most first-time homebuyers. Hidden fees and costs are often lost-in-translation, making it difficult for newbies to track detailed, accurate financial transactions. Property taxes, HOA fees, HVAC maintenance, and unexpected household repairs are all examples of often-overlooked costs. Forgetting to account for expenses and maintenance costs could land you in a less-than-ideal financial situation. Take extra care when strategizing and allocating finances to avoid common first-time homeowner disasters. 

Not planning for your future

As you search for your perfect home, keep in mind your personal, future goals. Do you want children? Are you planning on a long-term residency? Is your career lucrative enough to sustain mortgage payments? Spend the time to tentatively plan out your future to ensure homeownership is the right choice for you. 

Although homeownership may seem unattainable due to the many off-putting complications, first-time homebuyers can avoid common buyer mistakes by preparing early and paying careful attention to detail. Put your best foot forward and leap into homeownership. 

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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