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6 Things To Look For In A Law Firm Office Space

By Chris Porter | April 19, 2017

Choosing the right office space for your new law firm can be a challenging endeavor. Between dealing with the real estate agents, searching every area of your city, and trying to find something in the right price zone it can feel exhausting. It’s important for your law firm to come equipped with certain things in order for your firm to operate successfully.

We spoke to a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver BC to get their thoughts on how they opened up their place and what they looked for. Their advice goes into what they made sure was there and what they regretted not looking for.

Find The Right Location

Building your new law firm all starts with finding the right location, without it, you can seriously lose out on business. If you place your law firm in a hard to find area of town or somewhere where there is little foot traffic, then the amount of potential clients you may receive will decrease.

Make sure the location you choose is unique in that there isn’t a lot of competing law firms near you who are doing the same thing. Also, make sure you’re finding an area that you will be able to make the outside of look inviting and attractive. It’s all about the image you portray.

Get Enough Space

It may be hard to turn down the space that has the perfect office for you right now, but how much will your firm grow in the next five to ten years? Moving can be expensive, so make sure to get a space that provides you some room to grow if you want to take on more employees or offer new services.

When we’re shopping for a spot to open up shop, it’s easy to neglect the fact that we may grow and to jump on the first thing that is perfect for us today and not in the future.

Know The Landlords

Understand your landlords expectations before you sign any sort of contract. Make sure they aren’t going to raise the price on you to something that’s outrageous and know what your limits are with your office space. Are you able to decorate it however you want?

Many law firms like to carry a certain image and part of that image is portrayed through interior design. The more flexible your landlords are with interior design the better. Obviously you’re not putting a restaurant in the space, but you don’t want to pay big for putting up a nice painting either.

How Hard Is It To Move In?

If you’re living in Chicago or New York City, the hopes of getting a ground floor office space may be limited. But if you’re living in a smaller city and have less tall buildings, make sure you find something that’s not extraordinarily difficult to move into. Getting an office space with stairwells dating back to a time when things were narrower or a space where you need to climb a mountain of stairs may not be easy to get desks and other furniture set up in. Moving is already a big enough headache, so the less one has to bother with learning how to take a part the couch, the better.

Find Something With Windows

If you have a lot of windows to let natural light in, your happiness will likely increase with the sun exposure. Sitting in an office all day under fake fluorescent lighting is hard on the body from your eyes to your levels of fatigue. It’s also good to help your clients, who may be feeling vulnerable, feel more welcome and open due to the ability to see outside and not feel so claustrophobic.

Make Sure It Has Everything You Need

Lastly, make sure the place comes with everything you need. Write down what you want: private bathroom, client bathroom, waiting room, four offices et cetera. This may seem simple, but it’s worth the extra effort because no one wants to get a new lease and not have everything that they need.

Moving is an exhausting experience, but with these tips you can be sure you’re moving into the right place for you.

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