7 Helpful Tips to Keep Pests Away This Summer

With warmer temperatures and more outdoor activities, everyone is having to deal with pests in one way or another right now. Are your pest control methods effective, or are you making the most common pest control mistakes?


Here are seven helpful and effective tips to keep pests away this summer.

1. Don’t Let Them In!

Bugs and rodents are notorious for finding entry to your home, so make a thorough inspection at every entry point. Do you have holes in your screens? Gaps in your doorframes? Purchase new door and window seals if you need them, and don’t forget your garage door and shed. Rodents are rather fond of these places, and these doors don’t always close properly.

2. Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes use standing water as a breeding ground. Lovely, right? Don’t leave the kiddie pool out for days. That’s enough time for a whole new mosquito family to begin. Check your rain spouts, get rid of toys on your lawn, old tires, and anything else that could hold water. If you have a birdbath or pet dishes, replace the water regularly.

3. Stay on Top of Landscaping

It’s a pain, but take the time to trim bushes and trees that are near your house so you don’t invite pests to take over in the overgrowth. Weed your yard, and rake up any debris you have lying around.

4. Be Smart About Firewood

Termites can do damage for a long time without you even noticing, and they’re pretty cozy in firewood piles. Store your firewood at least 5 feet from your house or shed to keep them from gaining access to your precious abode. But if you can manage to store it even farther from the house, do it. And if you can, store firewood in racks above the ground.

5. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Yes, it’s another form of drudgery, but the payoff is worth it. Stay on top of a clean kitchen by wiping your counters, putting food away immediately, sweeping your floors, and taking out the

trash regularly. This will remove the tasty temptation that crumbs provide, and ants and insects will look somewhere else for a meal or treat.

6. Eat and Dispose of Food Properly

Fruit sitting on the counter is an open invitation for fruit flies. It seems like those flies come out of nowhere, but once there, it’s difficult to be rid of them. If your fruit becomes overripe, the chances of fruit flies joining your home is much higher.

Don’t let meat sit in the outside trash for too long. The hot sun combined with rotting meat is a terrible combination – for humans. For maggots though, it’s the perfect invitation to take up residence in your trash can. Wait to dispose of meat until the garbage will be picked up within 48 hours.

7. Use a Pest Control Service

A pest control service can eliminate pests far better than what you can do on your own. They begin by inspecting your home, and all the trouble spots in it, to discover any issues you might have and some you may not even be aware of. They then create a customized plan for your home. You don’t need the same plan used by your friend across town. You need a plan that will attack and destroy the pests in your home.

Keeping pests away this summer isn’t impossible to do. Simply follow these helpful pest control tips to be able to spend more time relishing the longer days of summer, and less time fretting about pests in and around your home.


About the author: Shay Wright is a contributing writer for Realty Biz News