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7 Marketing Tactics That Every Realtor Needs to Know

By Guest Author | December 9, 2015

Marketing is a necessity for almost any business, but for real estate agents it is the determining factor between success and failure. There are countless marketing tactics that can be used, which leaves many agents wondering where to begin.


Ultimately, the best marketing techniques are the ones that have the highest return on investment. In today’s digital world there are plenty of cost effective marketing options, but the 7 tactics below are the methods that can work for every real estate agent no matter what market they’re in.

Custom Signs

Real estate signs are one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book – because they work. A 2015 study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 51% of buyers used yard signs for information.

But a simple “for sale” sign isn’t going to give buyers and sellers a lot of information. Custom real estate signs will help you establish a brand that will immediately relay the information you want people to know. Not only are custom signs low cost thanks to new printing techniques, but they also catch the attention of buyers and sellers. Online real estate signs are just as high quality as store bought signs when you use a reputable vendor.

Mobile Website

People research homes online, but they also clock a lot of miles exploring neighborhoods and driving by properties that peak their interest. People are steadily increasing their use of mobile media, and homebuyers are chief among them. NAR also found that 57% of buyers use mobile websites and/or apps and 54% used mobile searches. This number is growing year-over-year, which means real estate agents that have mobile ready websites are at an advantage. When choosing a website design look for options that are responsive. These designs will automatically adjust depending on the size of the screen.

Turn Your Knowledge Into a Blog

In addition to using a responsive design, another way you can optimize your website for inbound leads is by adding a blog. It’s virtually free (with exception of your time) and can be used for a variety of purposes. Share the latest company updates, advertise your listings and provide readers with insider tips or market updates. Professionals that share their knowledge build trust with consumers and position themselves as a thought leader.

Sponsor a Charity Event

This is a win-win marketing tactic. You’ll get your name out there, support a worthy cause and might be able to write off the donation on your taxes in some situations.

Make Your Own Videos

Smart phones are capable of producing amazingly high quality videos that can be instantly edited and uploaded online. Each video you create provides a new marketing opportunity through different channels. Videos can be uploaded to your own website, Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube. It also can give you better search visibility in web searches and video searches. Ultimately, the best reason to make videos of properties and neighborhoods is because buyers and sellers want to see them.

Don’t Overlook Pintrest and Instagram

Real estate is a highly visual industry. Buyers aren’t purchasing homes sight unseen. Real estate agents already know they need to have a social media presence, but many mistakenly overlook Instagram and Pintrest. Both of these social media sites are built on imagery. Since you’re already taking photos of properties and the local area go ahead and get more value out of them by creating accounts on these sites.

Create and Promote a Monthly Market Report

The more value you can provide the easier it is to turn leads into clients. And keeping up with the local market is an important part of the home buying and selling process. The Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2015 found that it takes the average buyer 8-11 weeks to find a home once they decide to start looking. If buyers and sellers know they can get the latest statistics from your website there’s a good chance they’ll to come back to get the next market report – or better yet they’ll sign up for your emails so they get the information in their inbox.

These seven tactics are a great way to launch or reignite a marketing campaign in the coming months. They provide an excellent foundation with a minimal upfront investment, and information that’s sure to attract buyers and sellers.


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.25.47 PMAbout the author: Robert Marsh and his investment team acquired in 2012. Today, he serves as the de facto commander-in-chief of this online sign and banner company that services a national footprint. On a daily basis, Marsh calls upon his real world tutorial as well as his father’s fundamental teachings to fulfill this next chapter of his professional life. He continues to share his expertise through regular postings on the eSigns blog, as the Banner Baron. As for his personal life, this devoted father spends his off hours in support of family pursuits, charitable efforts, and his favorite sports teams.

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