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7 Quick and Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

By Guest Author | October 31, 2013

If you’ve decided to sell your house but don’t have much of a budget for improvements to help lure buyers, there are still a host of things you can do so your home will make a great first impression. A favorable first impression begins with curb appeal.

In today’s fast-paced world of web sites, texts, tweets, and “likes,” grabbing someone’s attention is key to selling your house. While it takes some effort, it can be done … and is essential. There are many things sellers can do to improve that first impression and enhance curb appeal. Many are simple and don’t take much time — or  money. The list includes:

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1.   Keeping up on your landscaping. Make sure the lawn is mowed and bushes and hedges are tidy. If you’re selling in the fall, you need to stay on top of cleaning up the leaves. Call in a tree trimming company. Make sure you can view your house from the street and it isn’t covered by trees in photographs.

2.   Clearing the clutter. Let buyers have an unobstructed view of the house. Try to avoid parking your vehicles in the driveway or on the street in front of the house. Have the kids keep their bikes and scooters in the garage and not on the walkway up to the house.

3.   Sprucing up your door. At the least, clean it.  Painting it is a low-cost way to add a special pop. If the door is in bad shape, you might want to consider replacing it.

4.   Cleaning the windows. Powerwash the glass to keep it sparkling. Nothing can drag down the look of a house like dirty windows.

5.   Adding some easy color. Go to the local nursery and grab some colorful annuals – think bright hues of red, yellow, and purple. Plant a few bursts of color in strategic spots — such as along the walk way or spots that are visible from the main street. Plant clusters in containers to flank the front door.

6.   Lighting it up outdoors. There’s a chance potential buyers will cruise by for a look at the house at night. Make sure you have your outdoor lights on. Also, some strategic landscape lighting is always a nice touch.

7.   If you can afford it, paint the house. It’s amazing how much a fresh coat will improve the appearance.

Additionally, a well-maintained driveway will also improve your home's curb appeal. Contact an asphalt paving company if your driveway is in need of a makeover.


Michele Dawson is a Realty Biz News Contributing Writer

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