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7 Signs you Need to Fire Your Real Estate Agent

By Howie Robleza | October 28, 2022

Your home has been on the multiple listing service for much longer than you think it should be, it is costing you money, but you've not seen your agent do much more. 

They are late and ill-prepared for the open house. Maybe they show some sort of unprofessionalism. 

There are numerous reasons why you may want to hire a new realtor. Perhaps you feel like a transaction rather than a person. You and your agent have different objectives. These are just a few of the red flags of a bad real estate professional. We're here to assist you in determining what to do about that, and what signs there are that your agent isn't working for you.

After all, the relationship between real estate agents and their clients is paramount to a successful transaction.

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If you've begun chatting with (or have already agreed to sign with) a broker and believe you've made a mistake, you aren't alone in your thinking. 

We understand that sacking someone and starting over is never easy, especially if they've already put in the hard work of listing your home and conceivably doing a few showings, but this is most likely one of the largest financial transactions you'll ever make.

That means you should be paired with an agent who gets the job done and with whom you feel more comfortable working. You are not the only person who is dissatisfied with their current realtor. Here are some top signs. 

  1. Your Agent Doesn't Respond Quickly 

You don't feel important. In the rapidly changing world of real estate, quick and efficient communication is critical. Lack of communication can mean the difference between a deal being won or lost. It's time to move on if you're waiting hours or even days for your realtor to return your calls, texts, or emails, or if your concerns are met with resistance.

The same holds true for real estate brokers who respond but have a communication style that does not mesh well with yours. It's probably not a good fit if you feel pressured, or annoyed, if there are trust issues during your discussions, or if the chemistry is lacking. 

Consider whether the realtor uses the lines of communication you prefer. Effective agents inquire about their clients' preferred method of receiving news and data, whether by mobile, text, or email.

Some young people find phone conversations annoying and almost insulting, so texting is preferred. Some people hate texts and prefer phone conversations. 

If your realtor constantly contacts you through a channel that you are uncomfortable with or unfamiliar with, or if you do not feel like you are being listened to, it is time to find someone that will respect your wishes.

  1. Your Broker is Inexperienced

Everyone has to start somewhere, and some representatives may partake in real estate while continuing to work another job or trying to balance other obligations. However, as a seller, working with an overburdened part-time agent can lead to misery on multiple levels.

A part-time real estate agent juggling another profession and normal daily life responsibilities simply won't be capable of keeping up with showings and contract talks in today's market, putting you at a costly disadvantage. If your agent is wet behind the ears, it's time to find a real estate agent who can meet your requirements.

  1. The Agent Doesn't Seem to be on the Same Page as You

Your real estate agent should be just as happy to sell your residence as you are. And besides, that's how they make a living. A listing agent's role, on the other hand, is to guide you rather than push you through the selling process. If you have the perception that your agent is trying to coerce you into making decisions based on their commission, it is time to get a new one. 

  • One sign is that they tell you to take an offer quickly under your asking price.
  • Or maybe you feel your realtor isn't negotiating hard enough for you and you feel you are fighting them!
  1. Your Realtor Doesn't Know the Market

Lack of knowledge or incompetence are commonly associated with inexperienced or part-time agents. If your agent is out of touch with local comps (comparable home sales and house prices) and fails to provide accurate and up-to-date information, you'll need to locate someone with enough industry knowledge in your area. It's time to find somebody who knows a lot about the area where you live.

  1. Is frequently late or fails to appear for meetings

Selling the house includes a set of planned activities, and failing to complete even one of them can thwart or derail the process. This is a red flag if your agent is constantly late or misses showings, open houses, inspections, appraisals, or other occurrences. Lack of effort can delay a sale or worse, buyers can lose out on the home of their dreams.

  1. They Just Aim to Please 

A realtor should be forthright and honest, providing expert advice on the best way to proceed, even though it is not what you anticipated or hoped to hear. 

Sellers who want to disregard the comparables and information on MLS and list their homes at an absurdly high price will always find an agent who will list their homes. Being a real estate agent entails not only taking orders but also providing fair and pertinent advice. Some agents will decline listings if the seller is unrealistic.

You want an agent who provides accurate data, not one who says yes to items that are inevitably not in your best interests.

  1. They Aren't Asking You the Right Questions 

You will probably have a lot of questions for your agent throughout the process, but the realtor must also fully understand where you are coming from. This way, they'll know exactly what you're looking for and can help you provide the right data. 

Sellers must provide accurate information on the seller's disclosure. If your agent isn't holding your hand throughout the process, you may need to find someone else if they aren't taking you seriously and appear to be a silent participant in the process. Maybe they just have a lack of experience?

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

What Should You Do Now 

So you have probably already signed a listing agreement with the real estate agent. It is a legally binding agreement that states that the agent will have representative rights for a certain period of time. You won't have many options at this point. The best route is simply to contact your realtor and let them know you aren't comfortable with them representing you anymore. You can request they cancel the listing agreement and both of you can move on. 

Or you can just let the agreement expire. 

Ask their Broker for a Different Agent from the Same Firm

You might ask the agent's broker if they can reassign another experienced agent to you from the same firm. That way the brokerage will still be a party to the agreement. If you are already under contract with a buyer and you want to back out, you may be liable to pay those commissions anyway. If you like the offer, you might want to go ahead with the real estate transaction.

Howie Robleza is a freelance writer, interested in real estate - both residential and commercial - construction and prop tech trends. When she's not writing, she works in hotel management.
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