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7 Unique Branding Products

By Jamie Richardson | September 1, 2021

Branding products are a great way to show appreciation and spread brand awareness with customers, at special events and during promotional moments. Everyone has that pen from their dentist that they carry around all the time or the cup from the sporting event that they regularly reuse. However, there are so many more options for branding products that aren’t typically seen.  

There are many types of promotional items you can give away, from subscriptions to gift certificates and special offers. But company swag and branded materials are key products that can take your brand places. Unique branding products that can help your brand make a statement.

1. Hot and Cold Pack

Hot and cold packs are something that everyone needs but that nobody ever thinks to buy. Many people will just use ice or a hot towel for pain, but if they have a hot and cold pack, they will definitely use it. A hot cold pack is handy and easy to use, so people will value it and not throw it away. This could be useful if you look to appeal to athletes, people in the wellness industry, or parents.

2. Solar-Powered Waterproof Speaker

Speakers are somewhat popular branding products, but solar-powered and waterproof elevate this product to the next level. It is ideal for cookouts, boat rides, and pool parties. Solar-powered speakers are more convenient because users do not have to look for a charging station once the battery runs low. It is also a great eco-friendly item promoting efficient and sustainable energy use. 

3. Webcam Cover

In the age of Zoom calls and FaceTime, more and more people are wary of the camera peeping at them from their computer. A webcam cover is a thoughtful item that people will appreciate. Whether for cybersecurity or just to avoid mishaps, if you forget to turn your camera off during meetings or calls, there are always reasons to use a webcam cover. Therefore, this item will be kept by many. It is also placed directly on their computer, which is a high visibility placement.

4. Utensil Set

As reusable utensils are deemed to help solve the plastic crisis, turning them into promotional products will be a win-win for you, your customers, and the earth. These items appeal especially to the avid camper or people looking to reduce plastic waste. Cutlery sets could also be great for a food establishment to promote its eco-friendly and hygienic/health values. Choose a nice striking design, and your branded utensil set will surely be noticed whenever people use it to eat their packed lunch in school, at the office, or even in restaurants and cafes. 

5. Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen

A useful branding strategy is to take common products and make them more efficient. Hand sanitizer is everywhere these days, but you don’t see much spray and in a pen form at that. So what’s not to like with a hand sanitizer spray pen? 

People are very hesitant to throw away hand sanitizer, and the unique spray function will draw people’s attention to the product when used. Such an ingenious item will make an impact on people and be kept as a useful product.

6. A Plant

It has been proven that plants improve people’s mental health and mood. Thus, giving away plants is a caring expression of appreciation. Small plants like succulents are easy to care for and durable in transport. You can put your branding on the container itself, stick a flag with your logo in the plant, or tie a bow around the pot or a tag around the plant containing your brand. You can also add short inspiring quotes on your pot, flag, tag, or packaging for more of an impression. 

7. Phone Stand

This is another item many people probably want but don’t actually buy. They will use a water bottle, a soft drink can, a jar, or anything that stands to hold their phones up, so once they get hold of a phone stand, they will surely use it. It is also great for office workers or people with cluttered workspaces. You could also pair your branded phone stand with a phone cleaner to make for a phone care pack. 

Unleash Your Unique Branding Magic

All brands will offer one thing or another for marketing. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use unique items like this promotional koozie as a corporate gift. Offering potential customers with less common promotional materials will help you stand out and ensure better brand recall.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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