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7 Ways to ace your Rental Application

By Jamie Richardson | July 19, 2021

One of the most important jobs you have to do while planning to rent a house is satisfying the landlords with your deeds by writing an excellent rental application. There are many ways by which you can do so. 

Landlords these days don't care about a rental application. They judge the person by assuring if he\she can pay the rent on time. In other words, they need basic information about the renter: example, salary, name, job, and a few more. 

But this easy way is highly wrong. The tenant should submit a proper rental application with all legal information about themselves to be eligible to rent a house. 

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Here are some tips to help you ace your rental application

1) Organizing 

When it comes to you or anyone in this world, a person will likely love to read things that are well organized. A person should include all the necessary information in the rental application needed, and they should all be well organized. It pleases the eyes of the reader and makes it impossible for the reader not to read it. Some of the basics included in your application are proof of employment, a copy of your bank statements, or a previous landlord's letter. 

2) Using the latest tech for help 

In this era, landlords are shifting from offline to online work. Receiving rental applications online is much more easy and accessible for them. Having all the work online ensures protection and makes it easier for both renter and landlord to communicate and make a healthy deal.

Rentspree provides high tech features through which a landlord and a renter can work more flexibly and relaxed. Some of the features include:

  • Renters insurance: Using this feature, applicants can either purchase new insurance or upload an existing policy to share with the landlord.
  • Reference checks: RentSpree provides an automated self-help reference check feature that allows you to gather information quickly.
  • Tenant screening: Through tenant screening, the landowner can verify more about your identity by checking your criminal records and other required critical information.
  • Document upload: Keep your documents safe by uploading them online. With the help of Rentspree pro, you can access the entire toolkit, which provides you various other options.

Using Rentspree, you can save money, time, and resources like printing, scanning, photocopying, and stamping.

3) Give clear information

While writing the rental application, a renter should be truly honest about the information if they don't want to get in trouble.

There is some standard information that should be written in the rental application to answer the landlord's query's in advance. Some of the everyday things landlords are concerned about are:

  • The job of the renter
  • If the renter has a pet
  • Can the renter maintain the house
  • If the renter owns a vehicle 

To impress the landlord even more, you can send them a personal letter introducing yourself and all the reasons you want to rent their house. 

4) Win their Faith by HISTORY

A landlord can't wholly trust any random person by just a rental application. The renter should explain to the landlord about their history and their experience with their previous landlords to conquer their faith. This increases the communication between them, and without knowing, they will get closer. A person's history also lets the owner understand the kind of personality they have. 

Showing them reviews from their previous landlords can be very useful when they know about their goods and flaws. People feel much closer to each other when they know more about that. So giving as much information about yourself to the landlord is better.

Creating a sense of mutual understanding between the landlord and the tenant makes it much more accessible for the landlord to trust you.

5) Having more knowledge

As you know, you cannot clap without one hand, the same way both having information about 

each other is essential. By getting information about the landlord, house, and residence, you can mark all the goods and bad about the place. By doing this, you can compose a list of things that the business lacks and replace them with good points. The landlord this way will be happy and believe that you are conscientious and considerate about the property. 

Being in touch with the landlord and real estate agent can also increase the chances for the landlord to accept your rental application. If the landlord shares mutual hobbies with you, then you have hit the jackpot. Renting your dream apartment which fits your budget is not that easy. Having a constant chat with the landowner and real estate agent or having a small party on your day off can boost your reputation among them.

6) Give it your best on inspections 

There are some things you can only do at the inspection to make an astonishing first expression- 

  • During the daytime, the real estate agents are very busy, so it can be annoying for them to wait for us to arrive. What you can do is be punctual to time and arrive early and wait for them, who knows what will happen in the future. Maybe the landlord remembers this small on the day of tenant choosing.
  • Being dressed tidy is also a major detail to follow. Wearing a suit will make the others think that you are dead serious about this deal. Appearance makes a lot of difference in these situations. Looking like you mean business makes them feel you are responsible and mature towards the apartment.

7) Follow up and be updated about the future.

In any case, if more than two days have passed and you still haven't received a response from the landlord. Then send a follow-up to your real estate agent. Doing this, they may think that you are deeply interested in the property.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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