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8 Useful Tips for Students Studying for Real Estate Licensing Exams

By Jamie Richardson | September 17, 2020

Real estate has grown to become one of the most lucrative courses career-wise. As more students become interested in taking the course, there is a need to guide them toward getting the most out of the course. So, we have provided some essential tips for students anticipating their exams to improve their performance. 

Real estate exams are divided into two:

  • National section - Tests the day to day knowledge and skills.
  • State - Tests the specific laws and regulations involved in particular states. 

Grading and pass rates tend to be different across different states. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that a significant number of individuals fail at this test at least once. So, it requires a student to give their all to pass. Many students fail their examinations for lack of preparation, and that’s why a lot of individuals will benefit from our tips when approaching this task.

Take the Exam Soonest Possible

For real estate students, there is often the temptation to wait a little while upon completing the course before actually taking the exam. You should take your test as early as you can. When you are fresh off the course, you are likely to have a good grasp of most of the content. Waiting too long will mean more time spent on studying and repeating what you had already learned.

Pay Special Attention to Vocabulary

When studying for your state license exam, the vocabulary makes up a considerable part of the test. You need to be familiar with all the different concepts and terms. Start by grasping the basics and then work your way up. 

Consult Other Real Estate Agents

While preparing for your license exam, you can gain some valuable information by asking those before you what their experience was with their exams. Even though times might be different, there are chances you will receive some useful information. However, it’s wise to consult those who completed their tests recently.

Study for It

Like in essay writing, preparation is key to quality performance. Any license exam across any course will require you to dive into your books. There is no need to play hero at the expense of your studies, and then have to spend longer waiting for your license. Proper studying can get you through the first time. 

Seek out all the reliable study materials you can find and allocate enough time for your studying. Don’t wait till the last-minute to start cramming. A lot of the information you read will still be useful to you after the exam so, study to understand. 

Here Are the Tips for the Actual Exam

Arrive Early

Get to the venue early and be well-rested. Get enough sleep the night before the exam. Also, you need to know the venue so that you arrive early. You can even find time to drive by the location days before the test so that you won’t have to waste time looking for it on exam day.

Eat Before the Test 

Test day is not the day you decide to skip breakfast. You will need all your blood sugar and alertness during the test. So, take your meals before the test and stay hydrated. You will be more focused when your stomach isn’t growling. 

Trust Your Initial Instinct

Exams will require you to trust your gut and go with the first answers that come to you. However, there are some rules to this. First is that you need to recheck your answers and for calculations, try and arrive at the same solution at least twice. Then, trust your first answer unless another question ahead gives you some extra information that disproves it. 

Finish Your Paper and Don’t Leave Blanks 

At the college level, you should not leave blanks. It is almost disrespectful. Even when you have some information that you doubt, it is better to put it down instead of leaving a space blank. Then, do not linger on one question no matter how complex it is.

Read a question, identify whether you can answer it first, and keep going. You can always circle back to deal with the tough questions. However, spending too much time on one question might limit the time you will have left for others.

Final Thoughts

Even though taking exams is stressful for most individuals, it is advised that students keep a clear head during this period. It will be easier to find solutions when you are calm and confident. Remember that many students before you have passed and acquired their licenses and so it’s nothing new. However, even if you don’t ace it the first time, you should always get back up and face it again, but with better preparation each time.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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