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A List of 5 Things Not To Put in a Garbage Disposal

By Jamie Richardson | May 31, 2019

The invention of modern garbage in homes is making life better. From providing quick ways to dispose of garbage to offering a sanitary solution of disposing of food waste—modern garbage is becoming more and more popular. Renters and homeowners alike have a reliable solution they can use to dispose of waste. Plus, they keep trash bags light and you don’t have to worry about landfills because there is no overflowing. They are simple and have solid construction. However, that does not mean that you put everything in the garbage disposal. With that in mind, here are 5 things you should not put in a garbage disposal.

Garbage disposal: Quick Overview

A garbage disposal based unit—sometimes referred to as garbage disposer—is a device that is electrically powered and installed beneath the tap and drain of the kitchen sink. With this disposal unit, homeowners can shred food wastes into smaller pieces that can pass via the drainage or plumbing.

Common in the United States, a garbage disposal unit is a good way of disposing of waste products.

1. Cooking Oils

Naturally, most foods contain cooking oil or gees, right? Well, that doesn’t mean that you throw that excess oil into the bin. Of course, it may look very convenient throwing the excess oil into the bin. But this comes with adverse consequences. It will thicken as well as clog the drain. Plus, trying to unclog a drain is tedious and time-consuming. So, why waste your precious time and money trying to unclog that drain of yours when you can avoid everything? No need. So, your garbage should not contain grease coming from meat, gravies, or poultry.

2. Egg Shells

Eggshells shouldn’t find their ways into the garbage disposal. Instead, consider using them as a composite material. Of course, egg shells are easily peeled and look fragile. They break easily. However, they are notorious at sticking to the drain pipe’s walls—which can lead to the formation of clog.So, if you don’t want your pipes to be clogged, don’t throw egg shells into the garbage disposal.

3. Old or Expired Medicines

Another thing that shouldn’t be thrown into the garbage disposal is old or expired medicines. Of course, many people see it normal to throw their expired or old medicines into the garbage. However, doing so harms the nearby water bodies. Plus, avoid flushing medicines in the toilet. It has adverse environmental consequences. The best way to dispose of expired or old medicines is to wrap them safely and hand them to your local pharmaceutical company. A local pharmacy knows the best practices of disposing of such medicines.

4. Pasta

If you have a tendency of throwing paste—whether in cooked form or uncooked form—into a garbage disposal unit, then you are harming your unit. Remember, paste expands upon coming into contact with water. This makes it swell in the drain pipes and cause a serious clog. So, it’s better to throw the paste into your thrash.

5. Potato Peels

Potatoes are common in homes. Most people tend to throw potato peels into the garbage disposal. But did you know that they can harm your unit? Well, here is how: potato peels—when brought into contact with water—convert into the glue. Consequently, they end up sticking into the drain. This can damage the pipes or the whole garbage drainage system. Remember, peels can also turn into starch—which can be hard to drain.

More Things Not To Put In a Garbage Disposal

In addition to the above items, ensure you don’t dump the following things into your garbage disposal

Pumpkin plus Fibrous Vegetables

Ever scooped pumpkin for hallowing? Well, chances are that you understand how those long strands can be annoying. They tend to stick between your hands—causing a big mess that nobody admires. So, why transfer the mess into that nice garbage disposal unit of yours? Instead, consider putting them on the trash and give your garbage disposal long life.

The same applies to vegetables such as celery as well as rhubarb. So, consider throwing long, stringy stalks into that thrash of yours. That way, you keep your garbage disposal away from fibers that can cause numerous problems.

Cleaning Chemicals

It’s not about those dish soap and normal cleaners. No. It’s about the harsh to drain chemicals and industrial based grade cleaners. They tend to wear the disposal –which can drain the line. So, instead, consider using ice cubes when cleaning the garbage disposal blades.

Corn Husks

Don’t take those husking corns into the garbage disposal. They should be taken to the composite pile and trash. Remember, these robust and fibrous husk threads can create problems for your disposal unit. So, the best way to deal with corn husks is to get them into a bag and not into your disposal unit.


Don’t walk points into your garbage disposal—especially if it sticks to pipe walls. They can clog the pipes and damage your garbage disposal unit. Instead, take the paints into the trash. Alternatively, take the waste to your local dealer. He/she understand how a paint should be disposed of.

Seafood Shells and Band Rice

Another item you shouldn’t put into the garbage disposal is seafood and rice. Such items can clog the pipes and damage your garbage disposal unit.

Beans plus Coffee Grounds

Don’t take waste like beans and coffee grounds to the garbage disposal. In particular, coffee grounds tend to form glue when soaked in water. This can stick to the pipe wall and clog your unit.

The Bottom-Line

Your garbage disposal is an important aspect of your house as far as its cleanliness is concerned. So, knowing how to take care of it is of paramount importance. In particular, you should know which foods not to include in the best garbage disposal for the money. From eggshell to potato peels—the above items can harm either the pipes or environment. So, leave the above things in the trash and improve the sanity of your home.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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