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A New Emerging Concept in Hospitality Corporate Housing

By Jamie Richardson | August 2, 2018

In the twenty-first century of corporate business, many businesspersons are shifting their focus towards establishing such a housing facility for accommodation, which gives people a sense of tranquility. Keeping in view this perspective, a number of corporate housing schemes are being constructed in the US. Especially in Missouri, where several successful corporate apartments have been jam-packed by tourists and visitors who are willing to get not only basic but high-quality accommodation facilities for a temporary period. In the suburban areas of Missouri as well as within the cities, at least 25 percent of investors have started constructing the corporate apartments in 2016, with furnished rooms and high-class setting, as evident in the case of St. Louis vicinity.

Benefits of Corporate Housing Rentals
Corporate housing rentals are considered a preferable option for a corporate executive, military and government personnel, and businesspersons who seldom travel from one state to another. The choice is perfect over a hotel for most people in a way that hotel appears to be more pricey than corporate apartments as well as smaller in size. If residents are willing to extend their stay, for instance from 15 days to 30 days, they will not be charged more than what hotels are grabbing from them.

Besides this, corporate housing apartments seem to be a great way to live for a shorter period. In Missouri, almost 90 percent of overall apartments are abounded with1 or 2 bedrooms, which entail large-sized beds, LED TVs, surrounded wallpapers, and furnished furniture. Besides this, kitchens and bathroom are double the sizes of those in hotels. In addition, these apartments are frequently checked by the concerned administration to see if any facility is missing for the residents. Many rentals also provide people with internet service as well as laundry rooms to prevent them from spending extra money. Not only this, coffee shops, framed artwork, overstuffed chairs, and gymnasium, all these facilities are provided in the corporate housing with minimum possible rates.

The real estate market dealing with residential apartments in Missouri keeps on going up to boom status. As a result, it is becoming more challenging for people to find affordable apartments at key locations. In contrast, the apartments offered by the corporate real estate market comprise of a long-term lease and cost-effective. Most of the apartments are free from taxes and extra bills. For these reasons, it has been witnessed that the number of visitors is becoming conducive to choose to live in the corporate housing.

Most of the corporate housing is located in those areas that are fully equipped with clubs, universities, concert halls, parks and much more. For finding the right spot, visitors need to get some tips from local guides in order to get them through to various locations to find the spot of their choice. Furthermore, various companies are also providing properties online as well. They can easily find a crew, which can assist them in finding the right area according to their budget. Conclusively, it is highly being recommended for tourists and visitors to get themselves round to these corporate housing facilities and enjoy their temporary living with calmness and composure.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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