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AI Platform Alliance: Building a Strong Foundation for At-Scale AI Implementation

By Mihaela Lica Butler | October 19, 2023

Several AI companies have joined to form the AI Platform Alliance, a venture with a clear purpose. Its mission is to make AI accessible at scale, streamlined, and sustainable for developers and users alike. The alliance's vision is a future where people will use AI "to solve real-world problems, improving the lives of everyone without negatively impacting the environment​."

The leading company in this effort is Ampere, joined by Cerebras Systems, Furiosa, Graphcore, Kalray, Kinara, Luminous, Neuchips, Rebellions, and Sapeon. 

AI Platform Alliance founding members.

AI Platform Alliance Founding Members

  • Ampere is a modern semiconductor company that designs processors that accelerate the delivery of all cloud computing applications. Ampere's Cloud Native Processors are known for their industry-leading performance, power efficiency, and scalability.
  • Cerebras Systems is a team of deep learning researchers, computer architects, and solutions specialists who aim to bring generative AI to businesses of all sizes worldwide. Their flagship product, the CS-2 system, is powered by the WSE-2, the world's largest and fastest AI processor. 
  • FuriosaAI develops next-generation NPU (neural processing unit) products for AI deployment. Their inference-focused NPU products reduce costs and energy consumption, enabling innovation without constraints. 
  • Graphcore is revolutionizing AI with its compute systems powered by the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU). Graphcore delivers leading-edge AI performance with unprecedented efficiency. AI-centric startups, large corporations, and research institutions worldwide use Graphcore IPUs.
  • Kalray provides hardware and software technologies and solutions for high-performance, data-centric computing markets, from cloud to edge. Kalray offers unique patented DPU processors, acceleration cards, and software-defined storage and data management solutions. 
  • Kinara provides a cost and energy-efficient AI inference platform with comprehensive software tools. Their platform enables smart applications in various market segments, including retail, medical, industry 4.0, automotive, and smart cities. Kinara's AI processors, modules, and software are at the forefront of innovative and influential AI industry developments. 
  • Luminous Computing designs and manufactures hardware for demanding Generative AI Inference applications. Their proprietary compute and memory architecture enables high bandwidth access to multi-terabyte banks of DDR memory. Luminous Gen 1 AI inference cards offer native PyTorch integration and deliver compute and memory bandwidth comparable to or better than competing hardware without using High Bandwidth Memory.
  • NEUCHIPS Corp. is an application-specific compute solution provider that aims to "Smarten AI computing through innovated IC design to make Intelligence Everywhere." Their team has decades of experience in top IC design houses and holds 22 patents in signal processing, neural networks, and circuits. 
  • Rebellions Inc. is a startup founded in 2020. Their team members are former chip designers, software developers, and product managers from IBM, Morgan Stanley, SpaceX, Lunit, and other companies. Rebellions aims to develop an AI accelerator with maximum flexibility, incorporating insights from the mobile space to reduce power consumption. 
  • SAPEON is an independent corporation that targets the global market with SK Telecom's self-developed AI semiconductor. The SAPEON chip is the first Korean non-memory semiconductor for data centers, designed to execute large-scale calculations necessary for realizing AI services quickly and efficiently. 

These companies formed the AI Platform Alliance to encourage improved collaboration and transparency in the artificial intelligence field. The platform is open to all AI companies building hardware solutions and looking to change the status quo.

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