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Ammar Jali Showcases How To Leave a Legacy by Learning to Let Go of Good Employees

By Jamie Richardson | October 31, 2017

Top companies and the majority of businesses carry out retentions strategies to ensure that their employees, especially their most valued individuals, to stay and be loyal to the organization. People from the human resources department work hard to ensure that such strategies and programs are in place to keep the best employees from leaving.

Ammar Jali Dominos Pizza

This scenario is true in the majority of cases but there is a growing evidence that suggests how some of the best managers are not only allowing but also encouraging their outstanding employees to explore other opportunities outside the confines of the company.

One such manager is Ammar Jali, a successful electrical engineer-turned hotshot entrepreneur, who owns 35 Domino’s Pizza joints all across Pennsylvania.

Jali’s success can be attributed to many factors including his dedication to train and instill an outstanding work culture among his employees so that they can develop and maintain a loyal customer base and how he treats his employees.

Unlike other companies who work on having a retention program, Jali has a legacy program. Instead of ensuring that his top employees remain and work with him for a long time, he mentors and supports them towards the process of opening their own businesses as well.

“The conventional thinking is to hold on to your best, thus, choking any possibility for a young energetic team member to progress,” Jali said. “I believe in doing the opposite….by letting go!”

While other managers try hard to hold on to their top performers, Janil wants his talented team members to become top franchise owners like himself.

“I have successfully helped some of the top general managers in the company in becoming business owners of their own. They have gone on to building stores and creating jobs in otherwise tough markets,” Jali shared. “It’s like your child when they take their first step, start walking and then running….and I get to do it over and over again,” he added proudly.

Witnessing how his former team members progress and become successful business owners themselves provide Jali a different sense of achievement. He admitted that it helps him to take his role more seriously and to continuously have the drive to carry own knowing that what he does impact a lot of lives.

“It’s a rewarding feeling which cannot be described in words but their success further fuels my energy. The rest of the company sees a path to progress and a reason to believe in what they do,” Jali said.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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