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An Eye for Design: The Finishing Touches for a Luxurious Home

By Guest Author | October 31, 2013

Building a luxurious home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Everything matters from the type of materials used on your decking, to the texture of your pavers, the colours of your walls and the durability of all your supplies - all influencing your final product. Thankfully there are skilled designers and architects to combine their creativity and knowledge to help you with all the finer details.

Whilst it is essential to have all these foundations right to shape your home, it’s the finishing touches that can turn it from something that is simply just stunning, to something magnificently unique. Once you have chosen your luxury home builders - then check out these expert ideas to help generate some inspiration and add the cream to your cake.

Luxury Home

Craft a Lush Pool

There is something pretty spectacular about water that evokes imagination and passionate living, making sitting outside on your patio overlooking a lush pool very rejuvenating. A well-crafted pool isn’t just great for the summer months, but can also be enjoyed right throughout the year, all day every day. Designers will work to incorporate these elements into your pool design including heating and cooling systems and outdoor misters. Considerations with the lighting around you pool should also be carefully planned to give it the dynamic visual appeal whilst offering an element of safety.

Adding a stone decking to your pool will enhance your outdoor area, offering a natural texture and a softened velvet-like appearance. Interior pool finishes are one of the key details where you can get your creative juices flowing to craft a desired look. Colourful aggregate surfaces come in a variety of different textures and colours r that are both durable and visually impactful - giving your pool and outdoor area that ‘wow’ factor.

Fabulous Home Décor Accessories

A luxury home should be complemented with décor accessories to dress it up and boost its brilliance. Adding some new home decorations and furniture to a space is a great option for sparking some visual interest as well-made pieces will stand out in a room and draw your attention to them.

There comes the challenge though, of finding decorating ideas that still allow you to remain as free from clutter as possible. You want to create a stress-free atmosphere so your home décor accessories should be carefully deliberated. Less can mean more.

Simple approaches like fresh flowers and shimmering cushions can add just the right amount of dynamism into your room. Remember, when it comes to home décor accessories, it’s how they are staged that makes all the difference.

For the Wine Lovers

Have you ever considered adding a cellar to your home? There comes a time when your collection calls for more than your average wine rack. In these cases, advancing to a full wine cellar provides plenty of storage and the perfect way to entertain family and friends.

Wine-making is considered an art - from manufacturing to packaging and right through to how it is displayed. Whether you opt for a small or large wine cellar it should be constructed like a refrigerator with a proper cooling system installed. Because environmental factors can have an effect on the storing and aging of your wine, it’s essential the room preparation is done suitably.

When planning your own cellar, think about the size of your collection (or the size you want it to become!). If you’re a wine and beer lover, you might want to incorporate a home bar into the space while the really passionate vino lovers may just stick with the cellar. Your storage space can be turned into the perfect entertaining area with decked out comfy seats and themed décor.

Luxurious Lighting

Lighting is crucial in creating changes to the mood and atmosphere. Both direct and indirect light is a dramatic way to construct variations throughout rooms and develop an interest with light and shadows. Consider the combination you want with the two and experiment with different illuminates to craft and eye-appealing combination.

Use lighting with crystals for an awe-inspiring play on dark and light which can really complement your interior design and décor accessories. It’s important to find the balance with personality and functionality when planning your lighting in each room, so try to implement natural lighting wherever possible.

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson Perth’s finest luxury home builders.


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