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And the Oscar Goes to - Best Real Estate Ad!

By Beni Restea | May 24, 2023

Undoubtedly, there’s no shortage of real estate marketing ideas and strategies in 2022. Besides a plethora of textbooks available on the subject, the wise people on the Internet provide realtors, listing agents, and real estate brokers with the “best” pieces of advice and suggestions. 

man reading real estate ad

Go ahead, and try searching after fundamental real estate keywords 

on your browser! You’ll be bombarded with the most “unique” videos and DIY content to revitalize your career. Besides, they will target rookies on how to become the next best thing. Nevertheless, it’s another question whether these instructions are genuinely working. 

Learn from the past and find your own path!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with out-of-the-box real estate marketing ideas for 2023! Experienced local real estate agents would advise you to create something original and funny right off the bat. Unfortunately, neither foolproof ideas nor a hundred percent certified game plans exist to get those precious leads. 

There are no rules to convert house-hunters into customers. No prayers can be whispered to build on your brand awareness. According to wise saws, go to school, learn your lesson, and once you’ve left, forget everything! Therefore, you can synthesize the wisdom accumulated and find your own voice. 

We can all agree that property marketing is quintessential. However, online users and people offline are regularly exposed to ads and commercials. Since most of them are unimaginative, repetitive, and downright dull, folks have assumed a defensive attitude against ads. Agents should develop catchy headlines, spectacular images, engaging designs, and amazing content to pierce through people’s psychological shields. Suppose you, as a realtor, shuffle a tiny bit of fun, joke, and irony into your ad content. In that case, you can target even an atypical audience.

We aim to provide you with some legitimately Oscar-worthy real-estate ads in the upcoming article. What did the creators do differently? How come the real estate industry generally keeps these ads in high regard? Join us to uncover the truth!

Where should you post your real estate ads?

Once you’ve completed your brand new revolutionary commercial, start generating Oscar-buzz and post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Although the trendiest social media networks and platforms seem to be over-saturated with ads, high-quality leads still originate from social media results. 

According to SproutSocial, real estate agencies reported that approximately 47 percent of their leads came from Facebook and company instead of other sources. One can’t ignore the high return on investment in social media advertising

We recommend you not brush those other sources, namely the more traditional marketing plans, aside, either! Offline marketing still puts on a decent fight against digital platforms trends.

The most creative ideas for real estate ads

If there were such a thing as an Academy Award for the most captivating real estate ads, the upcoming publicity stunts would most definitely receive at least a nomination! They excel in creativity, unique design, and highly original content with an entertaining twist. If all ads were produced similarly, buyers and sellers would indeed watch them and engage more! 

Holidays are around the corner.

Capturing the spirit of the most renowned holidays and translating it into your real estate ads is a jackpot. Suppose it conceals a subtle, personal or funny message to buy or sell a property. In that case, you get yourself a potential client! People will inadvertently pay attention, read, and watch Christmas and Halloween-related content. 

Don’t give into Halloween-induced worries! In her Halloween-themed Twitter post, Rose Cervantes, against a stylish and funny background image, highlights that there’s nothing to fear about selling a home while working together with a realtor. 

Room for mystery

With gorgeous photos, Laura Kubicki caught a genuinely outstanding real estate ad’s essence. She showcases the basic information on a property for sale in her Pinterest post yet doesn’t reveal too much. Thus, she leaves the doors open for mystery and stirs the onlookers’ imagination and interest. Good job!

Show off your real estate and financial expertise!

Khang Wtm or King Khang is a young agent who confidently markets various properties despite his age. On TikTok, he showcases his talents by directly and effortlessly addressing his audience. He targets primarily young homebuyers in their 20s. Moreover, Mr. Khang provides users with valuable tips on qualifying for FHA loans. Therefore, he reveals secrets for new house-seekers who can purchase a home, live there one year, move out, and rent the place out. All we can add is that we’re convinced! Our guy tapped on something vital: people need reasonable assistance and financial counseling. 

Likable personality and fun times in real estate advertisements

Who said that LinkedIn is limited to a cold and by-the-numbers presentation of real estate? Joshua S. Yoshihara, Realtor and CPA, most certainly didn’t subscribe to the idea. Play a catchy song, in our case Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, that will hook your audience immediately! Then, imagine two endearing guys dancing to the tunes while introducing us to a listed property! And there you a funny video, an instant classic, you simply can’t stop watching! These are the cornerstones of getting your name out there and building on your brand!

Universal messages humorously conveyed

Jo-Ann McFearin, in her Instagram post, “warns” us that: “The home has endless love, laughter, and laundry” (source: jo_annmcfearin’s Instagram post.) A straightforward yet unexpectedly funny and relatable tagline catches us off-guard and engages us in the ad’s content. Major kudos for the image in the background, showing a pile of laundry waiting to be shoved into the washing machine. Wonder, for how long must they stay there? 

Who hasn’t been in the same situation, struggling with home choirs? Therefore, the ad captures the fundamental psychology of owning a house. Still, buying a home implies not only maddening housework. It also encapsulates the idea of being together on this ship. And once users are fully invested in the content, they will engage in the call to action, the ultimate objective of any real estate advertisement.

Creative animations hit the target.

The renowned real estate agency site features a superb and hilarious two-minute-long animation. The ad set secret agents and spies with housing agents side-by-side. The message is straightforward, the humor works, and the overall effect hits a home run. Whereas spies need to maintain their secrecy, realtors should work on exposure to the great public.

Are you a pet-friendly realtor? You can sell anything!

How come the Internet people aren’t fed up with cute cats and dogs yet? Try posting a photo or video with a beloved pet. The cuteness overload is guaranteed! Sometimes, you need a direct message featuring a heart-warming cat or cats. Lisa Keller, a real estate agent’s YouTube advertisement, is low-key. Still, she generates interest with a special message: pets also require a loving home. 

She specialized in the real estate niche of pet owners, and not only. Her YouTube announcement is not visually spectacular. Still, it hugely impacts the viewer with its tranquil pace and rhythm, adorable cats, and touching message. Targeting animal lovers and providing them with pet-friendly rentals or residences is an example worth following.


Thank God creativity didn’t disappear in the harsh world of real estate marketing. Real estate ads will fly unbridled if a realtor takes immense joy in their calling and sets their imagination free. We recommend benefitting from special occasions, such as holidays, to target and enlarge their audience. Why not go one step further and make every day a unique festivity? Thus, you can create additional room and opportunities to sell real estate related to a big event!

We can find hidden pleasures even in the most mundane things on ordinary days. Use humor and imagination, and spice it up with a fascinating song. Additionally, animations can triumphantly showcase a property available. And last but not least, bring a drop of cuteness with adorable pets. Following these guidelines, your viewers will be hooked no a feeling. Besides, you can escape Razzie nominations for the worst piece of advertisement. See you at the next Oscars!

Beni is very passionate about real estate, finance and traveling, which is the motivating force behind the inspiring topics he writes about for
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