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Apartments for rent in Brussels

By Jamie Richardson | April 29, 2019

Brussels have long been a city of historic proportions. Being situated in Germany might also be the reason why. Regardless, it reflects what it truly makes up becoming a European.

Many stories have been told about the many landmarks of the city. However, why not visit places that hold more than what the city can offer. Museums have always been a melting pot of history and culture, not just of the city where it is found, but in some occasions, other parts of the world, and luckily, there are lots of apartments for rent in Brussels that are close to these tourist destinations.

MOOF Museum

Its whimsical name reflects what this museum holds.

The MOOF Museum is the one place in Brussels that will take you back to your childhood. They made an effort to properly display characters from cartoons and comics that have a major impact on children, of today and in the past. Original comic plates and murals of these famous characters have are heavily displayed in its halls. It is the perfect place to feel that nostalgia wash over you.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

This “museum” celebrates what it means to be a comic book artist. In its hallowed halls lie various comic strips, both permanently and temporarily displayed, so visitors can be witnesses to the different dimensions that make up comic art.

The Comic Strip Center has been celebrating the art for 25 years, and with the increase in the art’s popularity, no one knows if it will ever stop.

Museum of Costume and Lace

There was a time when European fashion was glorified across the world, and it is housed here in the Museum of Costume and Lace.

Its highlights include ball gowns, costumes, miniskirts, overcoats, antique lace, embroidery, and accessories from the 18th century and to the present day. It is believed that the lace from Brussels is renowned all over the world, and this is the city’s way of proving that. Having your lace in every iconic fashion trend, from then until now, should make convincing everyone else easier.

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts is one of the major attractions of the city for a reason. The view alone on top of the hill is enough to attract the pickiest of tourists. In fact, it is one, if not, the best place to witness the city with its splendid view of Brussels.

Moreover, it is named for a reason. Aptly named ‘The Museum Quarter’, this was to describe how close most art-related buildings are to the hill. This includes The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Musical Instrument Museum, and the Royal Palace. It is basically at the heart of the city, and easily, one of the major stops in Brussels.

The city of Brussels has many to offer its tourists. From the whimsical mind of a child to more serious forms of art, Brussels has it all. If you are a tourist, it is a good thing then that there are lots of apartments for rent in Brussels that are close to these vicinities. It is just a matter of picking which one.    

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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