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Are landing page popups pure evil?

Popups are very often perceived as the most disturbing marketing tool ever invented. Usually they block whole screen and it is troublesome to detect an exit button. They advertise products or services in such an aggressive and pushy way it rather discourages you to purchase. And they are usually just trashy. How one can even think about liking them?

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Actually – one can as it depends. Popups advertising products or services can really be a pain in the neck. Or other part of the body 😉 But – landing page popups really make a difference when it comes to increasing conversions and boosting landing page performance but only if you implement the best practices to create them. Those popups are absolutely not a pure evil and they really can encourage visitors to subscribe and trust your solution.

Types of landing page pop ups

Not everybody is aware of the fact that there are a few of popup types you are able to add to your landing page template. The most common ones are:

As you can see popups can be used in versatile ways. The entry popups are usually most frustrating but yet very effective at times. As if your popup gives your target customers something what they need the time at which it appears won’t really matter. But only if you implement the best landing page popup practices. And if you do so you can be sure your landing page popup is definitely not a pure evil 😉

Landing page popups increasing conversions

Landing page popups’ principal function is increasing conversions so you need to make sure you implement all the best practices when creating your popup in a popup maker. There are a lot of ingenious ways to make a popup favourable for visitors but let me quote you most important ones that never should be ignored. And these are:

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