DIY-Home Improvement, US Real Estate

Bathroom Improvements to Draw in Buyers

By Alicia Murphy | August 15, 2012
For many homeowners, keeping their home in tip-top shape is a task that requires constant attention. Over the years the features that were once so en-vogue in your home become outdated and unattractive, not only to you and your family but also to potential buyers. One room where a little updating can go a long way is your bathroom.
DIY-Home Improvement, US Real Estate

Home Maintenance That Cannot Afford to Wait

By Alicia Murphy | August 13, 2012
There are plenty of places for a homeowner to spend money. Unless you’re home is 100% up-to-date, chances are that you’ve got a dream project in mind, be it a kitchen remodel, backyard rejuvenation or bathroom addition. But before you go putting your home equity on the line it’s important to be sure that you’re not neglecting the not-so-fun responsibility of home ownership: maintenance.
DIY-Home Improvement, US Real Estate

DIY: When To Leave It To The Pros

By Alicia Murphy | August 8, 2012
In today’s economy many homeowners struggle with maintaining their property but understand the importance of doing so. This has led to a surge in DIY projects being taken on by individuals who have previously barely hammered a nail. So how do you know when its better to tackle the project yourself or leave it to the pros?
DIY-Home Improvement, US Real Estate

Nursery Wise: Nurturing Your Little One & Your Budget

By Alicia Murphy | August 6, 2012
Every new parent knows that one of the most nerve wracking part of preparing for a new baby is getting your finances in order. One walk through the baby section of any store can surprise even the most cost-aware of new parents.
DIY-Home Improvement, US Real Estate

The Pocket Office: Creating a Functional Work Station in Minimal Space

By Alicia Murphy | August 5, 2012
With the current job market in shambles in some locations many homeowners have begun to consider an alternative option to traditional employment: working online from home. Whether you’re considering virtual assisting or website design, the secret to work-at-home success is organization and dedication to your daily tasks.
DIY-Home Improvement, US Real Estate

Master Suite: Make Your Lack-Luster Bedroom Buyer Ready

By Alicia Murphy | August 4, 2012
Certain areas of a property are more important to buyers than others. Most people want to see a spacious kitchen with good storage, an open concept floor plan for entertaining and sometimes an office or work space. But one space that is important to most any buyer is the master suite. A lackluster master can be the make-or-break room in your home.
DIY-Home Improvement, US Real Estate

Bathroom Retreat: Creating a Master Bath Worthy of the Master

By Alicia Murphy | August 2, 2012
In the housing industry there are always trends that come and go. These include spaces that fluctuate in popularity with buyers, upgrades as technology becomes more innovative, and green improvements that help to reduce carbon footprint while increasing efficiency.
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