housing market

A Relationship Between Housing and Inflation

By Brian Kline | November 21, 2022
Whether it is rent or mortgage payments, housing is the single biggest chunk of spending for the average consumer. That means housing has an outsize impact on overall inflation from month to month. So, after many months of near-historic levels of inflation and now early indications that inflation is slowing, what might we expect from […]
mobile home investing
Real Estate Investing

Big Bang for Your Bucks with Mobile Home Investing

By Brian Kline | November 15, 2022
It's not a sexy cocktail hour conversation but there is good money to be made in the mobile home market. There are several ways to make money at this lower end of the homeowner’s market. Seller-financed mobile homes are among the most profitable. The bottom line is that housing continues to become less affordable and […]
Various Property :Liens
US Real Estate

What is a Property Lien and How Does it Work

By Brian Kline | November 14, 2022
Liens are generally a bad thing if you’re the person having one placed against your property. There are many different types of property liens. In the broadest sense, a lien is a third-party financial interest in a specific property. Some liens are voluntary, granted by the property owner — such as a mortgage. Other liens […]
reverse mortgage

In Today’s Economy, Should I Apply for a Reverse Mortgage?

By Brian Kline | November 7, 2022
A reverse mortgage can provide homeowners that are 62 or older with a supplemental retirement income option. But is this a wise choice in today’s economy? Two of the biggest questions that you should be asking yourself are: However, let’s begin with what a reverse mortgage is… What is a Reverse Mortgage? A reverse mortgage […]
rent out spare bedroom
DIY-Home Improvement

How to Brighten Your Home Before a Dark Winter

By Brian Kline | November 1, 2022
Lights and glass are the best solutions for overcoming gloomy winter days. Winter’s darkest skies will soon be with us, and you might want to take on a few simple DYI projects that will add brightness inside until the long sunny day's return. Replace Older Fixtures with Modern Lighting You have many bright options today […]
mortgage applications
Editorial Insider

The Latest Breakdown of Total Mortgage Applications

By Brian Kline | October 31, 2022
Mortgage applications from home buyers are nearly half of what it was a year ago — that is the big Halloween spook for the housing industry this year. Total mortgage demand (including refinances) is the lowest that it has been in the last 25 years. The biggest reason for this is clear. The interest rate […]
US Real Estate

Possible Answers for Home Buyers Facing High-Interest Rates

By Brian Kline | October 25, 2022
The year of 2022 has become the year of fast-rising mortgage rates after several years of historically low-interest rates. That is not good news for home buyers that have also been battling a seller’s market at the same time. However, there are a few things that home buyers can do to fight back against rising […]
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