Checklist of What's Covered at a Home Inspection
Home Buying, US Real Estate

Checklist of What's Covered at a Home Inspection

By Bill Gassett | October 19, 2022
Buying or selling a home isn't easy, with potential problems before you close. The home inspection is part of the process that can lead to problems, but what does a home inspector do? The home inspection is the buyer's opportunity to get a professional opinion on the home's condition. If you are unsure about what […]
Well Inspection
Ask Bill Real Estate

Ask Bill: Should I Get The Well Inspected When Buying a Home?

By Bill Gassett | October 17, 2022
Ask Bill Real Estate is a weekly column hosted by 35 year Real Estate Pro Bill Gassett.  Bills Q&A will answer the most difficult questions for real estate agents, DIY, first time home buyers, and mortgage lenders email your questions now to [email protected] Question from Ron Jones Holliston, Massachusetts: I am considering purchasing a home […]
Types of Real Estate Listing Contracts
Ask Bill Real Estate, US Real Estate

3 Types Of Listing Agreement Options For Sellers

By Bill Gassett | October 8, 2022
Did you know that there are different types of real estate listing agreements? If you are nodding your head no, you're not alone. Most people have do idea that there are different options. When selling a home, it’s essential to know the different listing agreement options that are available to you. Understanding the various listing […]
How Many Square Feet Are in Tiny Homes
Home Buying, Home Design, US Real Estate

What is The Size of a Tiny House?

By Bill Gassett | October 5, 2022
Have you heard of tiny homes and are wondering if you could live in one? With the growing popularity of tiny homes, it’s important to know how many square feet are in a tiny home. Not only is this important for determining whether a tiny home is the right fit for you, but it’s also […]
What is an Easement in Appurtenant
Home Buying, US Real Estate

What Are Easements in Appurtenant?

By Bill Gassett | October 3, 2022
If you have a large parcel of land and you want to release some of this equity, selling off sections could result in some access problems. If access to the road is limited, an easement in appurtenant might be required. You might have a neighbor who crosses your property regularly to access a park or […]
Getting Home Values Wrong
Home Buying, Home Sales, US Real Estate

3 Ways to Get Home Values Wrong

By Bill Gassett | September 26, 2022
One of the most significant roles of a real estate agent representing a home seller is to provide them with an accurate market value. Homeowners use the information provided by agents to make many financial decisions in their life. The value received could even be an impetus to whether a home seller decides to move […]
What Are Realtors

What is a Realtor®?

By Bill Gassett | September 24, 2022
Realtors and Real Estate Agents Are Not The Same When you are to entering the real estate market, particularly for the first time, some of the terms might be confusing. One of the first terms that could confuse is “Realtor.” While Realtor® is often used interchangeably with “real estate agent,” they aren’t the same. We […]
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