About Dan Vassiliou

Dan Vassiliou is CEO of Endurance Seo, and has an agency dedicated to helping foreign businesses access the growing Chinese market place. He has a vast experience in marketing companies into China online, and helping to create effective partnerships with brokers and distributors throughout the country. Dan can also be reached via his Twitter @enduranceseo

When Is a Niche Site “Niche”?

As SEO agents and internet marketers we have all asked for the same things when looking to gain a link from another site. Is it Niche related? The question I have for Google, who have filled the internet marketing “sphere” with the information that niche related links are more favorable is what makes a link niche related?

Attractive Property Markets for Chinese Investors

The Chinese investment marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds. As more and more Chinese citizens become affluent, so their need to find ways to invest grows too. There has already been a large property bubble growing within China, (and there’s some evidence this bubble may burst too), so the practice of investing in “brick and mortar” commodities is well established, and in many cases ingrained into potential investors. All this said, investing outside of China has never been more in demand for those with resources in the country.

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