Real Estate Investing

5 Suggestions for Financing Investment Property

By Dixie Somers | May 9, 2017
Real estate prices have been climbing slowly back since the Great Recession. Property is once again looking like an attractive prospect for investors.
Real Estate Technology

5 Security Features That Raise Your Home's Value

By Dixie Somers | March 24, 2017
Homeowners are always looking for a way to increase the value of your home, and security is one of the best ways to make that happen.
Home Buying

The Sunshine State: 5 Reasons to Move to Florida This Year

By Dixie Somers | March 15, 2017
For decades now, Florida has been a high-growth state—a top destination to live and vacation. That continues even today, as in spite of the housing crash and Great Recession, Florida is still a fantastic state in which to work, live and play.
DIY-Home Improvement, Home Design

Hot Tubs and Home Value: What to Know about This Investment

By Dixie Somers | February 15, 2017
Maybe you're considering a hot tub, but aren't sure whether the money you'll put into it for installation and maintenance will be worthwhile. Or perhaps you're buying a home that has a hot tub and aren't sure how that will affect your resale valu
Real Estate Agents, Realtors

6 Attributes of Remarkable Realtors

By Dixie Somers | February 8, 2017
The quest to find promising clients. The rush of obtaining leads. The triumph of making a sale or meeting a landlord's needs—these are the thrilling  realtors.
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