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5 Tips to Know When Moving to a Coastal Area

If you have always dreamed of moving to the coast, you should know that you are not alone. Even though coastal areas have a ton of benefits and even though a lot of people dream of living on the beach, however, you should know that there are downsides that you should know about as well.

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5 Signs the House You’re Buying Is a Money Pit

Many homes seem well-maintained but are hiding bigger problems. Here are some things to look for so you don’t wind up in a money pit.

Stupendous Sights: 5 US Cities with Beautiful Parks

Fortunately, most U.S. cities make the creation and maintenance of local city parks a top priority. The following five boast amazingly beautiful parks where residents can enjoy their free time in the great outdoors.

Property Priorities: 5 Things Every Real Estate Lender Should Know

In particular, real estate lenders should be aware of the various factors that would affect the rate of default and attract more clients.

5 Things You Should Inspect When Considering a Home Purchase

Sometimes repairs or upgrades may be acceptable if you’re getting a good deal, but you want to be aware of any issues. Here are five important things to inspect.

5 US Tourist Towns that Make for Great Places to Live

There are some towns throughout the U.S. that make for great tourist destinations. However, there are a few that also make for great places to live. Just consider the five following U.S. tourist towns that have molded themselves into great places to stay year-round

7 Things to Ask Your Realtor before a Home Purchase

Whether you are buying a new home or a piece of land on which you plan to build your dream home, there are a number of things you should ask your realtor before you make your final decision on a home purchase. You’ve probably asked quite a few questions already, but let’s look at some

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Texas Turf: 4 Things to Know about Moving to the Lone Star State

Whether you are moving for your job or for something else, you might be excited about your upcoming move to Texas. There is no other place in the country—or world—that is quite like Texas,

5 Ways to Assess the Real Estate Market in Your Area

Real estate can be a very rewarding profession and a terrific investment. But to profit from it in either case, you have to have a good understanding of your target market. If you don’t know when and what to buy or sell, you might

5 Suggestions for Financing Investment Property

Real estate prices have been climbing slowly back since the Great Recession. Property is once again looking like an attractive prospect for investors.

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