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buying a home after starting a business
Home Buying

Buying a Home After Starting a Business

By Eric Jeanette | August 8, 2023
Buying a Home After Starting a Business Buying a home after starting a business can pose unique challenges for self-employed individuals. We will discuss strategies and tips to increase your chances of a mortgage approval while self employed. From providing accurate financial documentation to managing personal and business finances separately, building a strong credit history, […]
fixing a home before selling
Home Sales

Fixing a Home Before Selling

By Eric Jeanette | July 28, 2023
Fixing a Home Before Selling Fixing a home before selling will help to maximize your home's appeal and value to prospective buyers when it comes time to put it on the market. It's crucial to take care of any problems with your property before putting it up for sale in case they discourage purchasers or […]
Home Buying, Mortgage

Buying a Home with 1099 Income

By Eric Jeanette | July 23, 2023
Buying a Home with 1099 Income: A Comprehensive Guide for US Buyers Buying a Home with 1099 Income can present unique challenges for self-employed individuals. Understanding the implications of 1099 income on mortgage loans is crucial. Lenders carefully assess tax returns and stable income to determine eligibility. Strategies such as maximizing chances of approval and […]
packing a house
Home Buying

Packing a House in One Week

By Eric Jeanette | June 2, 2023
Packing a House in One Week While moving to a new property is an exciting experience, packing up your entire home can be intimidating. The task of packing up your possessions can be onerous, whether you're moving because of a job change or are just looking for a fresh start. But with a few straightforward […]
Luxury Real Estate

10 Reasons to Look for Luxury Apartments to Rent

By Eric Jeanette | May 17, 2023
When looking for a new place to live, luxury apartments provide an unmatched quality of life. These upscale rentals provide occupants with the finest comfort and convenience, from breathtaking vistas to first-rate amenities. Here are 10 important reasons why looking for the appropriate condo to rent is worthwhile if you're thinking about moving: Unmatched Locations […]
US Real Estate

7 Ways Display Homes Can Help You Design Your Perfect Home

By Eric Jeanette | May 8, 2023
Creating your ideal home is a fun yet difficult task. With so many choices to select, it's critical to have a distinct vision for the appearance, atmosphere, and functionality of your house. Visits to display homes are a fantastic method to acquire ideas for your home design. Show homes are models that highlight the newest […]
Real Estate Marketing, Realtors, US Real Estate

7 Ways to Take Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level

By Eric Jeanette | April 25, 2023
With a number of brokers and businesses battling for clients and seeking to close agreements, real estate is a cutthroat industry. It's crucial to consistently research new techniques and strategies that can advance your real estate firm if you want to stay competitive and expand. We'll go through seven easy ways to improve your property […]
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