Manhattan office space is hugely popular with investors now, observers say.
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If You Think You Know How Your Office Lease Square Footage is Calculated, Guess Again!

By Elizabeth Whitman | October 28, 2018
You might think you can easily verify the square footage in your office lease.  After all, it is easy to calculate the square footage of the living room in your new home to plan for furniture placement. You use a tape measure to measure from wall to wall in both directions. Then, as you learned […]
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What to do if You Aren’t Happy with Your Real Estate Agent

By Elizabeth Whitman | October 16, 2018
What happens if you aren’t happy with your real estate agent or broker? The answer might be in the listing agreement you signed. Other times, you may have to negotiate a change to or cancellation of the agreement. Know the Types of Real Estate Professionals First, some background. There are two types of licensed real […]
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Ten Seller Deliveries at a Commercial Real Estate Closing

By Elizabeth Whitman | October 1, 2018
When buying a house, the seller typically will sign a deed and hand over the keys. However, commercial real estate transactions are usually more complicated, and most sellers of commercial properties have more deliverables. Buyers who do not get these items from sellers at the closing may find themselves trying to track down the sellers’ […]
Commercial Real Estate

Ten Items for Your Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist

By Elizabeth Whitman | September 17, 2018
Commercial real estate purchase contracts usually include a due diligence or inspection period (Due Diligence Period). During the Due Diligence Period, the buyer should evaluate the real estate to confirm it is suitable for the buyer’s needs. Following are ten things which should be on every real estate buyer’s due diligence checklist. 1. Title and […]
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Landlord Best Practices for Rent Increases

By Elizabeth Whitman | September 11, 2018
As increased demand for apartments outpaces increases in supply, multifamily rental rates are increasing. Landlords should keep pace with the market. Landlords also need to increase rent regularly so that their revenue is adequate to cover increased costs. Yet no landlord wants an increase to cause an exodus of tenants. How a landlord communicates a […]
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How an Access Agreement Can Speed Up Your Commercial Real Estate Transaction

By Elizabeth Whitman | September 6, 2018
Buyers and sellers want their commercial real estate transactions to move forward quickly. A buyer may ask to start inspecting the real estate and “kick the tires” while the parties negotiate a real estate purchase contract. The seller may have concerns about allowing this with no contract in place. To address these concerns, the buyer […]
Commercial Real Estate

Why You Want a Force Majeure Clause in Your Real Estate Contract

By Elizabeth Whitman | September 4, 2018
Recent news coverage has discussed buildings destroyed by wildfires in California. Properties in Hawaii have been threatened by earthquakes and volcanos, as well as mudslides following a tropical storm.
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