RE/MAX enters the Apple Watch bandwagon

We cannot stop technology, we can only try to put it to good use, we may say. When we talk about Apple, we usually talk about successful products, that can be used in a wide area of industries, including in the real estate one. And, let’s face it, it’s very easy to have it all […]

Meet Oliver, the iOS app that connects the landlords with the renters, cuts brokers

Sometimes you need a real estate professional’s help. You need him to give you some options by showing you a number of properties you might buy or rent; you need him to give you some extra info; you may even count on his or hers advice. But in other occasions, you know exactly what you […]

Investing in Chinese real estate

China’s real estate market has always been hugely volatile, but it remains packed with incredible potential: expats can expect to earn up to $300,000 per year there, and that’s more than in any other country.

Top 10 hottest US real estate zip codes

The real estate landscape changes in time and, according to the recently launched by “Top 10 ZIP Codes in America”, the hottest place(s) might surprise you. It’s Melrose, the one in Massachusetts (02176), not the one in Hollywood. Photo by John Phelan on Wikipedia Now, I say this might surprise you, not that it […]

How to become the most followed real estate agent on Twitter

If you like the micro-blogging platform and want to be active on Twitter, then you might as well become at least one of the most followed real estate agents, right? The power is in the numbers, so what would be the point in having an account with just a small number of followers? We had […]

Three ways to add value to your property

A great investment in the property market doesn’t always have to be costly.

Real Agent Guard keeps agents safe at work

There are several areas that pose a risk for the workers, and the real estate domain, as rewarding, challenging and beautiful as it may be, comes with its share of potential jeopardy. Real Agent Guard comes as a useful tool to help both employers (real estate agencies) and family to keep an eye on their […]

Targeted Digital Advertising for Real Estate Agents from Adwerx

I work in the marketing and communication/PR field for over 12 years now and, looking back, there is one thing everyone can agree with: things change rapidly, especially due to the new technology available, the accessibility of the Internet, and to the new gadgets. We live in an connected world and, even if I cannot […]

Designing and maintain the garden by yourself vs. hire professional help

I’ve heard many people discussing, when moving into a new house, whether they should hire a company – or two: a landscape professional and then a lawn care service company – for their gardens or do all the work by themselves. I never heard people coming to a unanimous conclusion. In the real estate domain, […]

How to get more shares for your realtor blog content

Any real estate professional who has a blog wants his or hers articles to be shared, to spread the word and get traffic. We all see articles with hundreds of shares, retweets or +1s, and we could wonder “why did that article get so many shares?” Here are some tips to help you get more […]