Record number of home buyers consider out-of-town moves

Americans are increasingly looking at moving away from major urban centers to smaller cities and towns that offer more accessible outdoor spaces, according to a new analysis by Redfin Redfin found that a record 27.4% of its online visitors were looking to move to another metro in the second quarter of this year, up from […]

Baseball fans flock to luxury rentals near ballparks

Baseball fans missing out on the action due to the coronavirus pandemic are taking desperate measures to get their fill by renting out apartments overlooking stadiums. Some of the units at the West Half luxury rental apartment complex in Washington D.C. for example have a great view of Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals, […]

Experts say McMansions could come back in fashion

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a reversal in the trend among home buyers for smaller properties. Now, with people being forced to spend more time indoors, buyers are now looking for a much bigger home instead. In other words, so-called “McMansions” are coming back in vogue. “The pandemic has been long enough and deep […]

Granny Flats are growing in popularity due to the housing crunch, study finds

The number of accessory dwelling units in the U.S. has increased dramatically as a result of the housing inventory crunch, especially in high-cost areas where populations have risen significantly over the last decade, according to a new Freddie Mac study. The research found there are 1.4 million ADUs in the U.S., which include granny flats, […]

NAR throws its weight behind “Pandemic savings” bill for first-time buyers

Rep. Sean Maloney, D-N.Y., proposed a new bill this week to the U.S. House of Representatives that would allow first-time home buyers to withdraw funds, tax-free, from their retirement accounts under the umbrella of coronavirus-related distributions. The funds could then be used towards a down payment on a new home, helping more people to attain […]

More people are buying homes without seeing them first

Digital technology is rapidly going mainstream in real estate, and many home buyers are so confident in it that they’re going ahead with their purchases without seeing their new properties in person. Take the example of one anonymous European buyer, who recently splashed out a stunning $6.3 million to buy an entire island off the […]

Commercial real estate firm adds an infectious diseases specialist to its staff

Florida-based commercial real estate firm Crocker Partners has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a new position within its organization for a director of environmental health, to help it develop a program that’s designed to keep its employees healthy. Dr. Walter Okoroanyanwu, who is a medical professional with experience in infectious diseases, told the […]

Drive-in cinemas make a comeback in empty parking lots

Drive in movie theaters are making a comeback amid the need for social distancing. They’re emerging in empty parking lots that were once jam-packed with shoppers’ vehicles at local shopping centers and regional malls, which have been hard hit by the pandemic. The idea helps support retailers as it brings in much-needed customers, while shoppers […]

Most students say they’ve enjoyed being back at home during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of college students across America to return to mom and dad as campuses emptied, and many of them say they’re enjoying being stuck at home. A survey of about 1,200 college students conducted by CollegeFinance found that most students only expected to stay at home for around four months […]

Home buyers warned to expect “fierce competition” this summer

Low numbers of homes listed for sale will combine with record low interest rates to create a competitive home shopping summer, said in its Weekly Recovery Report ending July 11. The housing market is getting closer to pre-pandemic levels,’s index revealed. It reached 98.5 this week, which is just 1.5 points below its […]