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What’s my brokerage worth?

By Rick Ellis | May 31, 2022
“Gambling is not about how well you play the games; it’s really about how well you handle your money,” says the old gamer’s axiom.  Real estate brokers have enjoyed a good run for several years and in the changing climate, many are looking to take some chips off the table and reduce their personal risk. […]
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Shift happens

By Rick Ellis | April 25, 2022
For brokers and agents, the past 18-months have seen the hottest market in decades. Even with the pandemic and struggling economy, most brokers have enjoyed record growth. But ask those same brokers what they see ahead for the rest of 2022, and few think they will match the production levels of the past year. This […]
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But we have free coffee

By Rick Ellis | March 21, 2022
I was sitting in a boutique broker’s beautiful office listening to the owners vent about their frustration with recruiting. Attracting strong agents was a challenge for them, but equally frustrating was that after onboarding recruits, they often lost them to other brokers once they began producing. The managing broker said, “I feel like we are […]
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The One Thing Your Agents Need

By Rick Ellis | February 7, 2022
A hotly debated topic among brokers is what do agents really need today to ensure their overall success. The raging issue is important for so many reasons, as agent success directly impacts the health of the brokerage. Will Rogers said, “A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries.”  Most brokers have strong […]
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Same Stuff Different Day

By Rick Ellis | January 6, 2022
Welcome to the new year-- although to many it’s best described by the acronym “SSDD.” Based on conversations with brokers, it does feel like the movie “Groundhog Day” in which the main character, Bill Murray, finds himself reliving the same day over and over. The real estate industry seems like it’s reliving past days; the […]
Editorial Insider

Top Five Brokerage Deal Killers

By Rick Ellis | December 3, 2021
I was on a recent real estate M&A’s panel discussing the usual stuff like, how’s the market; what to look for in deals; what are the pricing multiples today, etc., when someone asked a refreshing question: “What are the top deal killers?” Price and terms are usually the first thing out of someone’s mouth when […]

The secret few brokers discuss

By Rick Ellis | October 26, 2021
There’s a dirty little secret in the world of real estate brokerages that few people talk about. It’s a disturbing trend that we’re seeing more frequently in small and mid-sized firms: Many brokerages today are just not very profitable.  In 35+ years, I’ve looked at 1,000’s of financial statements. What is interesting lately is that […]
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