Tips To Help You Jumpstart Your Marketing in 2013

When you talk to folks with a brand new business, it is pretty common to find a frustrated entrepreneur hidden underneath all that passion they bring to their business. They’re so passionate about “their widget” or the service they provide, but they almost never know how to tell everyone else.

Six Ways For Investors To Be Memorable

It’s no secret that real estate investors have gotten some bad press in the last few years. There is no denying that some of it was deserved. But in most cases, I believe that it comes from the fact that people in general don’t have much if any knowledge about what we do. And for the most part they don’t have any real understanding of the valuable services we provide.

Exit Strategies; Always Begin with the End in Mind

One of the concepts that a lot of real estate investors have a hard time grasping especially when they are first starting out, is the concept that you need to know the day you buy a property what you plan to do with it; or your “exit strategy” as it is commonly called.

Making Offers; Figuring Out What the Seller Really Wants

In my business, I do a lot of direct mail marketing to get my phone ringing. And like most real estate investors, I talk with a lot of sellers. One thing that sellers all have in common is they all have a story to tell. One of the hardest things to learn when you are just starting out is how to be a good listener; how to really listen to these folks

Mentor Your Way to “Expert Status”

All of us were new at our chosen professions at one time; we were the “new kid on the block”. Over time, that changed as we gained experience and built a name for ourselves in our industry. But there are also things that you can do that will help set you apart from the other real estate investors.

Tips for Building a Quality Buyer’s List

Putting together a solid list of buyers is one of the best things a realtor can do. It only takes a few meetings to figure out who the investors are that will actually look at a property, make a decision right then and there, and be ready to close in 10 days to two weeks. These folks are like gold when you find them!

Tips for Building Your Brand New Real Estate Business

Buying investment property isn’t rocket science, but when you are just getting started it can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to know just where to start. There are definitely some tried and true things you can do that will help ensure your success. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Choosing a Real Estate Investing Strategy

One of the toughest things for a new real estate investor to figure out is which real estate investing strategy is right for them. There are so many choices; so many different strategies that it can be confusing in the beginning.

Investing Tips: Changing Seller’s Expectations

When was the last time you came across a seller that had completely unrealistic expectations about what their house should sell for? If you are a real estate investor, it was probably the last time you looked at a house.

17 Tips for Crime Proofing Your Properties

Vandalism and copper theft in vacant properties has become a huge problem for both residential and commercial real estate investors in recent years. But while you can’t completely stop such thieves from inflicting their misery, there are definitely some steps you can take to make them think twice

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