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5 Simple Steps for Keeping Bathroom Floors Clean

We all know that a clean bathroom floor is essential to a clean and healthy home. Many of us have probably cleaned or thought we have a pretty good idea of how to clean a bathroom floor. Yes, it is pretty standard work, but there may be some effective and important steps to getting the […]

8 Dealbreakers When Buying a Fixer-Upper

The term ‘fixer-upper’ can be very random and vague but most of us know what it means when looking at real estate. Chances are this home needs quite a bit of TLC and if it just needs a few cosmetic issues cleared up, the listing agent probably would have stated it that way. But when […]

How to Make the Most of an Open House (for Sellers)

You will find a lot of real estate agents these days that are completely against open houses. There are literally thousands of real estate articles about how open houses don’t work anymore. But, all that being said, sellers still expect most agents to conduct an open house at some point during the listing. Often times, […]

Best Home Buying Advice for May

Planning on buying a home this summer? Start with some great advice! Whether it’s previous buyers, buyer’s agents, or investors, trust those that have gone before to get some good ideas before buying. 10 Simple Ways to Make Home Buying More Affordable – Getting your finances together, looking at homes then pulling the trigger all […]

Should You Replace the Carpet Before Selling?

If your carpet is looking or feeling like it is old and tired it may have you itching to rip it all out and replace it. There is a possibility that all your carpet really needs is a good professional deep cleaning. To find out if your carpet can be saved with professional carpet cleaning read […]

Should I Pay for an Additional Inspection?

We’ve talked about the importance of the home inspection in general but what if your inspector suggests an additional or extended inspection? This can often happen if there are questions about the roof integrity, sewer or septic system, foundation, pest or termite control, or any extensive inspection that a general inspector may not be able […]

The One Thing Home Buyers Regret After Buying

Did you know that nearly 45% of homeowners say they regret some part of the home buying process? While everyone possibly has some regret either during the home inspection, the choice of real estate buyer’s agent, how much money they put down or how little they put down, the number one thing that most home […]

First Steps to Financing a Home

Practical tips for home buyers Buying a home can be exciting and a little scary all at the same time. There are many factors that go into buying a new home like finding the right buyer’s agent, the right neighborhood, the right house in that neighborhood. And this house, of course, will have to be […]

How Earnest Money Can Affect the Offer

Earnest money is a good faith deposit when you place an offer on a piece of property in order to convince the seller that you’re serious enough about your offer to put money down on it. The earnest money deposit is usually in the form of a check but can be in the form of a […]