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Avoiding damage to your furniture when you move house

By Guest Author | October 25, 2016

When people move their home to a new place, most frequently they care more about the items they take with them and the security of these items. But in fact, the damages you may make to your home old or new are much worse! For instance, you can destroy your stairways or rails, create new holes in the walls, both even mentioning the risk of broken windows. This is why we decided to create several useful tips that will help you protect your home during the process of move to keep in intact.



First of all, you need to protect your furniture. For this reason Calgary movers advise taking special moving blankets to cover all corners and legs of the furniture. In this way you will be able to prevent nicks and scratches on the furniture and walls.

If you have no moving blankets or do not know where to get them, you can always use standard sofa covers for the same purpose. But be ready that sofa covers tend to cost more than moving blankets.

Dissemble all pieces of furniture to the maximum to save space and eliminate the number of scratches. Keep in mind that the smaller items you get for the move, the easier it will be done.


To protect your floors you need to get carpet film protector. This is plastic sheeting that will save your floors from scratches during the move. But this option may cost a lot, so check some more budget-friendly tips below.

The easiest way of protecting your flooring is by using thrown sheets, carpet runners, and even large pieces of cardboard paper on the floor.

Make sure to protect your floor from the very beginning by using special felt pads on the bottom of furniture pieces, and especially movable ones, such as chairs, sofas, and table legs.

Pro-tip: if you are moving on a rainy day, make sure to put something at the entrance so that movers do not spread dirt all over your home.


Not all walls are at danger because corners are the most common places to get dirty and scratched. So experts advise using corner guards on wall corners for protection’s sake. In this way you will save both your walls and pieces of furniture.

Door Frames

Remember to measure everything twice before doing anything! Measure every piece of furniture very carefully before taking it through the doorways to ensure that it is wide enough to fit into the door frames. Believe Only in this way you can protect them.

Banisters and Railings

Most frequently you will have banisters and railings in high-traffic areas, consequently they are most likely to get bumped or bruised. Experts from in Canmore advise covering them entirely with some old blankets or regular bubble wrap for the sake of protection.

With these tips you can be 100% sure that your home will survive the move intact!


About the author: This article was written on behalf of Alberta Pro Movers (Moving Company), a moving company based in Calgary, AB, Canada

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