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Become a Master in Grappling with the Best Grapples

By Jamie Richardson | September 10, 2019

Grapples allow you to safely move a large variety of items with the power of your skid steer.  Grapples are essentially metal arms that are added to a large variety of attachments to add stability and balance to the job of moving a variety of items.

Grapples are added to pallet forks, buckets, rock buckets, stump buckets, bale handlers, manure forks and rakes.

The vast array of different options for grapple attachments makes a huge task list possible.  

The root grapple is available in various widths and allows for quick and efficient handling of brush, logs, root systems and even more. Light duty, heavy duty, extreme duty and severe duty options have different weight capacities and are used with skid steers of a number of sizes.

Grapple forks are forks with the added bonus of more stability for the cargo via the grapples holding on to secure the cargo.

Grapple buckets are there for the same purpose.  You have the space in the bucket and the grapples on top to hold things in place.  For really odd shaped cargo, some grapple buckets offer independently moving clamps.  This allows one grapple to clamp down to a lower position than the other so no matter the shape of your items, they’ll ride securely.

Grapple rock buckets have the slotted bottoms that you need to carry large material and let the smaller material sift through the open slats.  Large oddly shaped boulders that need to be secured to carry safely?  No problem! The grapples keep everything right where it needs to be. 

Bale grapples move hay bales easily, manure grapples move manure - and of course they’re welded and powder coated in a way that helps them withstand the acidic properties of the manure.

Grapple rakes are useful in pretty demanding situations such as logging and demolition jobs.  Good grapple rakes are created to be extremely sturdy.  You can also find them in a range of working widths so you can get the right size grapple rake for your application.

Grab the right width and weight that will work with your skid steer - full sized or mini!

You can find more information in the best stocked skid steers attachments store.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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