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Beginner Tips from an Expert Home Builder in Port St Lucie

By Jamie Richardson | April 24, 2019

Have you always thought that your own dream home does not fit all those fancy suggestions on Pinterest and Tumblr? Are you considering building your own house right from the ground up, because none of the property for sale in your target are is really quite good enough?

Multi-family home constructions continue apace as the demand for rental homes grows

Well, unless you are an expert home builder with years of experience, you may want to hold your horses for a bit and take some good-natured advice from the people who are. Here is a collection of top tips for navigating the process of home building that we put together for you! Enjoy!

Always set aside a bigger budget than what you estimated

When you decide to enter the grand venture of building an entire new dwelling from the foundations to the rooftop, coming up with an appropriate budget will obviously be among the very first few on your list of things to do.

Factor in all of your materials, the number of workers and so on, and then take it from the pros – add a fair margin to that calculation. Home building will always cost you more than you anticipated, because there are always expenses that are not formalized.

Some of the most common examples of these kinds of expenses are window coverings, gas meters and electrical meters that your contractors are bound to rack up, hooking up your cable TV, setting up an internet network, setting up a fixed home phone etc.

Take into account your new mail box, landscaping tasks, laying any concrete outside, erecting fences, and setting up gates. These kinds of “finishing touches” can stack up to as much as 25% of your expenses, so do be careful. Check out this useful article for some insight into how to budget for building a house.

Always get an independent inspection done

No matter how much you trust your contractors, you should have an independent third party expert inspect your building at every major stage. That way you can e sure that all the materials and procedures are aligned with the regulations and codes in your area.

Some of the critical junctures at which you should arrange for an inspection are the following. When you lay your foundations and footings, have the slab, formwork, and all drains thoroughly checked out. Then, when it comes time to set the walls, get an inspector in on the framing; make sure everything is straight and level. At this point, you should also make dead sure that your frame matches your plan. Conform the roof lines, ceiling height and all the room dimensions.

Third on the list, there is the so called “lock up stage”. This is the point in building where all the doors, windows etc. have been set in place, in other words, when the house has become “lockable”. At this point, you should get the inspector to take a good look at the mortar, brick work, plumbing, electrical installations, window flashing, window frames and door frames.

Finally, have an inspection performed right before you are officially done and before you move in. This final look should look at the finishing touches such as tiling, paint, doors and window fittings. Last but not least, use this chance to make sure that the construction site has been properly and thoroughly cleaned. Be sure to check your local resources for professional bonded home inspectors.

Be smart when you select your contractors

Coming full circle to the pre-building phase tips, you need to be careful when you decide who will actually build your new home. Take your time and do your proper research, because you will be making a long-term commitment. Here are some key factors to consider.

Price. Obviously, you want a builder who will fit your target budget. References from previous customers are also crucial, as well as any available warranty on their services. Get a look at their past work if you can, see the level of quality at which they build. Remember to check the resale data on those residences, if any. Check for credentials, insurance and license. Finally, make sure your personalities and design styles are a match.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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