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The Best Apps for Real Estate Foreclosures

By Guest Author | February 1, 2013

With the current state of the economy, it's not big secret many properties are going into foreclosure. While for many this is a devastating thing, for others its a business opportunity to purchase real estate at a cheaper cost. If you’re a go-getter and looking to buy a first home at a steal, there are also some great apps that you can use to help you start the process.

Foreclosure Search by

Foreclosure Search by @ iTunes

Foreclosure Search

If you search for the term “foreclosure” in the Apple App store the first app that’s going to come up is Foreclosure Search By This available app lists out all the current properties that are owned by the government and major banks. This search app is ideal for real estate agents since it helps them with finding the best and cheapest properties available in the interested home-buyers local neighborhood. Current ratings for all versions - 3.5 stars over 1741 Ratings

Foreclosureradar at iTunes

Foreclosureradar at iTunes


Another app that you should definitely check out is ForeclosureRadar. This will help you whether you’re planning in advance or are in the mood to search for a place at the spur of the moment. You’ll be able to find out the most recent and accurate foreclosure information, including updated auction tips, so you’ll be able to act fast. It does exactly what its name tells you it does- you’re able to search for foreclosures in a certain city or town, but the even more perfect aspect is that you can locate foreclosures that are near to your current location. Current rating over all versions - 2.0 stars over 41 ratings.

Zillow App

Zillow's App at iTunes.


While the Zillow app has been around a while, it now has some nifty foreclosure features that allow you to use this app to the fullest. Not only will you be able to see properties that are in foreclosure, you’ll also be able to view bank owned properties and auction listings. Even though foreclosure information is free and public knowledge, having the ability to easily access it on your mobile device makes the process easier and more pleasant for everyone involved. And you'll also find, Zillow makes a wide range or such apps for nearly any kind of device imaginable.

If you’re a home-buyer searching for a new place to live or an agent searching for the best properties for your clients, checking out foreclosed homes is probably a good idea. Although there are ways for you to go through lists in order to find something that fits your criteria, there are now apps available on your mobile device that help you out with this grueling process. Because foreclosure listings are free and available to the public, the apps most likely will not vary all that much. You can test out a few of the best to see which one you like the best and then go from there. Happy house hunting...

About the author: Chrissy Giglio is one of the talented writers for Fueled, an award winning mobile app design and development house based in New York City.

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