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Best Tools for Remodeling the Home and Garden

By Guest Author | January 12, 2016

Home remodeling is something that most homeowners try their hand at sooner or later.

Whilst the handyman, painter and decorator and other professional will always own their set of tools, you won't own everything right away and will need to go shopping. Here we cover a few of the best tools to help with remodeling a home, front and rear area on your next real estate project.


Tool Pouch

Even though not all the tools that you'll need to remodel your new or existing home can probably be carried around with you all the time, it is helpful to have some kind of tool pouch to carry the tool that you'll need with the current task.

The pouch will typically attach via belt loops to your jeans making it easy to put on quickly. Usually, a good one has several different sized pockets for small and large tools, screws, nails, and other useful items that you'll undoubtedly use quite often.

Painting & Decorating Supplies

By changing the shade of color on the walls for something more pleasing, you'll want to either move the furniture completely out of the room. If there isn't enough space elsewhere on the property to relocate the furniture, you'll need some plain sheets to cover over everything important and you'd be amazed how far paint can splatter.

With paint brushes and paint, saving money isn't the goal here. You want to purchase the right paint brushes to match the type of paint that you plan to use and the finish that you want. Oil-based paint requires a natural bristle brush, while a latex paint requires synthetic bristles. Spend some time in the painting and decorating section of your local DIY store to choose wisely.

Model Your Own Metal Fence

For the particularly adventurous, it is possible to buy a welding machine and speedglas adflo helmets or a Lincoln welding helmet to create cast iron fence railings that are in the design that you're looking for. This is best suited to people who have some experience in this area with the right welding tools or teaming up with someone who's worked with welding in their day job before and letting them take the lead. Otherwise, you may contact laser cutting or welding services to help you create metal structures for your remodeling project.

Safety Glasses

Whether you're painting an interior wall, pulling up floorboards or remodeling the kitchen, you wouldn't believe what little pieces of debris fly everywhere. It is all too easy to have something fly into your eye causing almost endless pain. The best way to avoid this and battle on bravely is to buy a pair of safety glasses. In fact, buy several because it is easy for one to fog up with condensation, get broken accidentally or become too dirty to use.

Extension Cords

Most power tools still need a power cord to connect to something. Make sure that you have long enough extension cords so that you're never without power. The best idea is to own one that is at least 50 feet long. This will cover most situations. A second, shorter one that is maybe 25 feet or longer is helpful to plug in a second tool or act as an extender for the first extension cord. Check before purchasing that they can handle the amps that the most power-hungry power tool needs to operate.

Remodeling is all about having a good plan at the start. If you don't do that, you'll be aimlessly buying more tools than you need without any real sense of purpose. Remodel one room at a time, develop a solid plan, learn what you need to know, buy the tools needed, and begin.

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