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'Boho-chic' August renovation tips to increase the value of older homes

By Guest Author | August 11, 2015

There are a few things which can age beautifully: cheese, wine, woman... even your old house can look magnificent if you put some effort in its renovation. Still, while achieving beauty is usually something inborn, preserving it is a thing that requires some serious work. On the plus side, just a bit of effort invested in renovation of your old, almost ruinous property can sometimes be a saving grace when your finances are in question.


Walls are the key

As the largest surfaces in the house, walls will most certainly be the first visual stimuli to grab the attention of any visitor or potential buyer, so they deserve most of your attention. For getting the Boho-chic look that suits vintage homes the best, go with ocher or oyster blue. Still, painting is not your only solution here since you can also try to achieve the same impression with wallpaper rich in ornaments and flower motifs. Additionally, enhancing your walls with some wall cloth or patchwork drapes might also be a right way to go.

Making your home practical

However, when talking business, practicality is the thing that can easily help the value of your old house skyrocket. Houses with, cheaper bills and houses that are more energetically efficient will always achieve better prices. One of the ways in which you can improve the energetic status of this edifice is to install double glazing windows. According to some more optimistic researches, having two panes and a frame that is structurally more stable than the regular wooden one, these windows can save even up to 40% more energy than their traditional counterparts.

Make your ceiling lower

The arch-nemesis of the Boho style is minimalistic, empty space, and nothing screams the notion of void as loud as the concept of irrationally tall ceiling. There are several tricks to bring your ceiling closer to the ground. One of them is the use of tall furniture and low chandeliers. The second method however is the use of embossed plaster ceiling. This practice does not only make your room smaller (making it thus even more energy efficient), but with the right craftsmanship the ceiling decorated this way can look like a genuine piece of art.

Furnish your Boho home

Now, if the walls of your home are its skin, the furniture inside is its heart and soul. The best thing about renovating and decorating in this style is the fact that it is not that money consuming. All this revitalization requires is your time and your effort. There is nothing you own that couldn’t be used or reused in one way or another, to yet again serve the purpose. Just remember one more thing, antique is chic so never throw away an old radio or sewing machine, try to fix them in order to be functional and if not, dress them up and use them as a fashion statement.

DIY projects are your closest allies

Repaint your old closets in white or blue thus giving them the new breeze of life that both they and this old home had waited for so long. Do not stop there, not only should you rejuvenate your old furniture but also try to make or invent some on your own. Enhance your home with dazzling, handmade Doily lamp or candle lanterns you made on your won. Make this home be your own creative playground, your own canvas, your masterpiece. In the end, you must be aware that your work here is never done. Constantly try to look for new stuff to enhance your home with in the most unexpected places you could ever think of. This means that you should scavenge old storage rooms and garage sales. Although efforts might seem great at times just remember that the end result is usually more than worth it.

About the author: Daniel is a home improvement blogger based in Sydney. All the relevant information in this article he got from the experts for double glazing from Magnetite. If you find his pieces interesting or you have some questions, feel free to contact him - [email protected]

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