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Boulder: Where the 'bold' ones move

By Matt Lee | March 23, 2017

Do you ever feel stuck in your current address? Has your home town or city became too much of a comfort zone that it has, at best, turned quite boring or, at worst, began to limit your personal growth? If yes is your answer to these questions, then it’s about time to gather up the courage and search for a new place to live. After all, we all need to widen our horizons or we’ll never attain our fullest potentials.

There are a lot of places that would surely pique your interest when the prospect of moving comes to mind. There’s New York and Chicago with their big city feel. There’s San Francisco and Los Angeles with their west coast charm. And then there’s Boulder, Colorado, a city that’s not quite a city (at least if your definition of one is NYC) but not a rural town either. Migrating to Boulder, an option not exactly popular to American looking to settle elsewhere, is indeed a bold move. But once done right, this bold move could very well pay off in ways you would have never expected.

You might ask, just what is in store for me in Boulder? Well, according to the infographic from Boulder local Tenge Law Firm’s “10 Reasons You Should Move to Boulder”, there’s quite a lot.

Here are some basic facts you need to know about Boulder:

  • it is the 11th most densely populated of all Colorado municipalities
  • it is located 5,430 feet above sea level, with the Rocky Mountains serving as its majestic backdrop
  • its Western history and culture have been a source of intrigue since the 60s where hippies flocked to it like migratory birds in pursuit of a calm and peaceful nest amid the cold war.

Since the era of hippies, Boulder’s reputation as the perfect haven for free-spirited individuals has grown steadily and, now, this city is considered as one of the coolest and most progressive—both lifestyle and economy-wise—communities the state of Colorado has to offer.

Over the years, Boulder has amassed all sorts of accolades. The most noteworthy of these include being:

  • Niche’s “Healthiest Cities in America” #1,
  • Forbes’ “America’s Craft Beer Capitals #2
  • Bon Appetit’s “Foodiest Town” #1
  • Bloomberg’s “Brain-concentrated Areas” #1,
  • Value Penguin’s “Most Educated Metro Areas in the Nation” #2
  • Livability’s “The Best Cities for Entrepreneurs” #1
  • Fast Company’s “The Top 10 Metro Areas for Female Entrepreneurs” #1
  • Small Business Trends’ “The Seven Best Cities to Launch a Startup” #4
  • Gallup’s “The Top 10 Happiest Cities” #1

Yes, the list of praises bestowed upon the city of Boulder goes on and on proving once and for all that what was once a simple and unassuming town has finally reached a point where it can compete with big cities that happen to be the usual suspects for someone in search of a new home.

Moving to Boulder is a bold move. But, as we already know, in this life only those who know how to muster all the courage in the world are rewarded with a wealth of its bounties. This is not the time to play safe or go the popular route. This is the time to explore other promising vistas and horizons. After all, with the infographic “10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Boulder” alone, one already has an accurate enough picture of what to expect from Boulder: a city that presently thrives; a city that, despite its current status of undeniable progress, still has yet to reach its utmost potential.

From here on out, Boulder will only get bigger and better. Come to this fine town, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

About the author: Matt Lee is the Co-Founder of Lead Generation Experts. Founded in 2012, Lead Generation Experts helps different businesses improve their digital marketing strategy.
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