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9 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas To Spice It Up!

By Kevin Vitali | March 18, 2021

Are you looking to improve your curb appeal on a budget? The success of your home's resale depends on different factors, and it includes its physical attribute, one being the curb appeal. A curb appeal can make or break a sale since it creates a lasting first impression on the prospective buyer.

Homeowners are under pressure to make a sizable profit while selling their homes, leading them to look for budget-friendly home renovation ideas. Below are nine budget-friendly curb appeal ideas to help sell your home.

How important is curb appeal?  Curb appeal is a homebuyer’s first exposure to a home.  What is going to be the first impression created by the approach to your home?  Will it be a good or bad first impression?

Starting on the right foot will go a long way during your buyer’s showing.  But start with a bad impression and the whole showing could be soured.

Budget Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas With A Big Impact

1.   Upgrade the Main Door

The main door tells a story about the interior and its occupants. You can improve your front door's appeal by coating it with a welcoming color that invites the potential buyer. Do a keen inspection for the minor details that barely require replacement but can influence the buyer's decision. More often, repairing or replacing them will give your front door a fresh look.

2.   Add Potted Plants, Flowers, or Small Trees

Potted plants can spruce up your home's entryway and impress a potential buyer. Having a green entryway is attractive and improves your curb appeal, especially during summer. You can purchase from the local or plant one on your own.

3.   Neat and Tiny Yard

A clean yard can improve the chances of a sale. Tidy it up nicely before your potential buyer arrives. In most cases, a potential buyer's decision to purchase the house is influenced by the curb appeal. Fortunately, it won't cost you much to shape things up or hire a lawn maintenance guy.

4.   Replace the Lights

Potential buyers tend to visit during the day. Despite that, it is still a good idea to invest in more attractive lighting fixtures. A functioning lighting system assures the potential buyer of security and safety in the neighborhood. Bonus if you get beautiful and premium lights that complement the property. 

5.   Design a Front Porch Sitting Area

A front porch makes the perfect spot for relaxing or dining. To avoid extra costs in creating the perfect porch, move some furniture from the back deck to the front or look for some functional secondhand comfy porch furniture. If you have a nice front view of the sunset or nature, you may not want to ignore the porch since the prospective buyer will likely be intrigued by the idea of relaxing in front of the lovely view.

6.   Paint Windows and Door Trims

Using a drop cloth, some enamel paint, and a paintbrush, you can add some contrast and panache to the entryway by painting the door trims and windows. You can use the paint to create intricate details that will intrigue the buyer.

7.   Touch Up the Mailbox

One of the obvious things the potential buyer will check to ascertain when driving up is the mailbox. While a mailbox is mainly a functional piece of the property and does not need much attention, it is good to make it look tidy and appealing.

If you are looking to sell your house, it might be a good idea to rebuild, repaint, and restore your mailbox. A nice-looking mailbox guarantees a good impression on your property and increases your curb appeal. It also shows your prospective buyer how you pay attention to minor details, which says a lot about the major details.

8.   Trim Overgrown Bushes and Trees

Just like maintaining the lawn makes an excellent first impression, so does trimming overgrown trees and bushes. You can do this yourself or with the help of a local gardener. Ensure you trim branches that block windows or might cause any property damage.  Your landscaping is a large part of curb appeal.

9.   The Driveway

The driveway tends to take up significant space in your property. Therefore, it needs to look as good and well-maintained as the rest of the property. If it is in poor condition, a potential buyer might be discouraged. Therefore, getting asphalt maintenance and sealcoating done by professional asphalt sealing experts provides buyers with assurance that the entire property is in good condition.

Bottom Line

A total renovation or minor touch-ups is how curb appeal gets your house sold. You can decide to conduct a complete renovation project, which may be costly. And, very rarely do entire renovations pay off.  Often simple low-cost improvements can have a big impact.

 An alternative would be to implement a few budget-friendly curb appeal ideas to get potential buyers interested in purchasing your house.

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