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Building a Self-Built Home – Good idea or a Bad Idea?

By Guest Author | July 18, 2012

Everyone has plans to move from a rented house to their own house sometime or the other in their life. While some people are happy house-hunting and buying a ready built house, many would love to build their own home.


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Although a self-built home is a big project to take on, it is rewarding. Before you take it on, you have to research it well so that you know what you are letting yourself in for. And like any project, there are pros and cons to it.  Read on to know more –

Advantagesof Self-Built Homes

Lower Cost - Your budget is the first thing that you should consider when you are planning to buy or build your house. The advantage of building your home will be cheaper than buying one. You can choose cost-effective materials and options and save quite a tidy sum. Another saving is that you don’t have to pay VAT.

Plot Of Your Choice – You can choose a plot that is in a locality of your choice. It can be in the city or away from the city. Since you don’t have to pay VAT, choose a land that does not have stamp duty tax.

Customized Design – Since you have been dreaming about owning and building your own house for a long time, you are sure to have an idea of what you want. So, you can design it to match your specifications. There are personal preferences like having big or small windows, the direction of kitchen and the kind of tiles, placement of bedrooms, study and other rooms that vary from person to person. Designing your house will enable you to create a home that matches your preferences and personality.

Energy-Efficient – You can build your home to be energy efficient and supervise it during the initial planning and building stages. This will be of great help to you later on.

Disadvantagesof Self-Built Homes

Excess Expenditure If Not Planned Well - If you do not have a proper plan and strategy to build your home, you can end up with excessive costs and spend more than you plan. Sometimes the expenditure is equal to a ready build house.

Finding a Plot – The task of finding plots is very difficult. You want to save money by finding a plot for which you do not have to pay stamp duty. You also want that it should have a good view, be easily accessible from the roads and should be close to infrastructure.

Planning Restrictions – There are numerous planning restrictions of which you may be unaware. Before you start building your house, check all planning restrictions in detail. You don’t need any trouble after you buy the plot and start building it.

Mortgage Loan In Stages – If you want to mortgage it for a loan, then be prepared for a fight with the financial institution. Banks are lenders are reluctant to pay you the entire mortgage amount upfront. They will pay the amount in stages, as and when you need it. At times, this can delay the building work.

In case you’re doubtful if you are capable enough of building your own home, or if you don’t want to make any costly mistakes, you may seek help of custom builders like The America’s Home Place who specifically deal in making dream homes of people, just the way they imagine it to be.

There’s a lot that can go wrong in building a home, which might cost you a lot of time, efforts, money, and even your safety in a few rare cases. So, be sure that you’re confident and knowledgeable enough to take up the responsibility of building a home all by yourself before you get started.


Brenda Lyttle is an enthusiastic custom home builder. She loves her job as she helps people frame out their dream homes from their imaginary canvas into reality.

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