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Building a New Home - 7 Things That Could Go Wrong

By Danny Margagliano | August 10, 2019

Are you shopping for a home to call your own? Most likely, you're looking for your dream home that will last forever. But the results of your search have been short of impressive. You may start to realize how difficult it is finding a house the checks off all of your needs and wants. It becomes more apparent as you see more homes with outdated kitchens, small master bathrooms, and poorly designed floor plans.

The examples above are just a few reasons why a large portion of people prefer to hire a home builder to build their homes. One of the most desirable benefits of building a new construction home is that you can make it exactly how you wish.

However, the fact is that building something from the ground up can quickly become a very distressing and clumsy process without preparations. New construction home projects usually come with a distinctive set of concerns. There are generally certain things that could go wrong on any new home build. Below are 7 of the most common things that can go wrong with new construction homes.

1. Having insufficient contracts or none at all

As a rule, before kick-starting your construction, consider hiring a lawyer to review the builder contract, or to create one with your contractor. Double-check that the deliverable dates and costs are stated, and know what happens if things go wrong at any point. Many a contractor like to work on simple handshakes or handwritten invoices that would not cover what happens if delays or added costs show up. Since this is your future home dream home, an invoice, or even a handshake would not provide you with adequate security if something should ever go wrong.

2. Skipping the inspection

After spending a lot of time and money in building a new house from scratch, a big mistake you can make is not to get it inspected. And this is one thing that many homeowners fail to do. A warranty from the contractor is not a suitable substitute for a proper home inspection. You don't want to find a bunch of tiny or potentially significant problems with your home, do you? That is precisely why you have to employ an unbiased, third-party licensed home inspector to have a comprehensive look at your new home before moving into it. Skipping the home inspection could mean finding vents inadequately sealed, electrical not to code, or missing insulation. However, a proper home inspection brings out these problems upfront, and they get fixed, making you happy.

3. Not double-checking the windows

It's a fact that many building teams and general contractors would install your windows incorrectly. Even if you pump out wads of cash to get energy-efficient windows, there would be zero savings on your monthly bills if installed improperly.

3 problems of poor home window installation

  1.  Hot and cold air can have easy access in or out of your home
  2. Increases your utility costs
  3. Puts your home at risk for mildew, mold and water leaks

The main problem is that homeowners are usually unaware of these kinds of issues until it has escalated. To avoid having common window installation problems, make sure your home inspector is capable of detecting them, and use reputable local experts for installation.

4. Delays in Construction

Home construction gets delayed for many reasons. A home could miss completion dates because of bad weather, worker shortages, or delays due to permitting to name a few. There might be delays in the construction process, and it is usually very easy to forget to make room in the schedule for these delays. You should try being loose in your move-in estimations. Cushion your timeline with room for delays to avoid unnecessary surprises to you and your wallet.

5. Not Paying Attention to The HVAC system.

As a result of poor planning, issues small and large can arise from not paying attention to the HVAC system installed in your new home. Problems can range from higher than necessary electric bills to moisture and mold growth, leading to serious health concerns.

There is a tendency to forget to pay careful attention to the size of the HVAC units in the new home. Too small models underperform and don't cool and heat your home as efficiently. While the too-large AC units will consume too much energy and cost more to purchase. Although it is a common mistake for homes equipped with the wrong sized HVAC system does not mean you need to fall into this category.

6. Under-utilized rooms

When building a new home, many people get overzealous and think more along the lines of their wants, not there needs. With this said, pay close attention to every room built.

While the addition of a game room, a playroom, or a multipurpose room might seem very enticing at first, you need to ask yourself if you and your family would make good use of those rooms. You should only plan to build a room that will get used in the long run. More often than not, an unused room eventually becomes a giant dumping ground for things that never get used in the house.

Picture a home gym where the treadmill is used to hold old clothes from the previous season; yes, what a waste. When adding spare rooms, plan for that room to be able to transition very well from one type to the next. While a sewing room would rarely Gbe used, a sewing room or office that is also a guest room would get used more often.

7. Letting someone tell you what you need!

You, and only you, best knows your family and the needs and lifestyle of your family. While professionals can make suggestions for you, they cannot and should not dictate to you what you and family need or don't need. You are the only person that knows what is best for you and your family.

Above are just a few things that could go wrong with a new construction home. Take precautions, follow the advice, and reduce the chances of things going wrong with your dream home.

About the author:

The above article was written by South Walton Beach realtor Danny Margagliano. Danny has been helping people find homes for sale In Blue Mountain beach for the past 10 years. You can visit,, Danny's website to search all real estate in South Walton Beach and Destin Florida.

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Danny Margagliano has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry.He works for 30a Local Properties in Santa Rosa Beach on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida.He specializes in working with residential investment properties and second homes.Danny also is the owner and founder of the Internet marketing company for real estate agents, Web Tech SEO.He’s a former professional surfer as well as a firefighter paramedic.
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    1. Great tips. I also like to tell my customers who are building to set aside at least 10 to 15% additional funds than their proposed home building budget.

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