Building Business Via Integrated Photo Blogging

Professionals can spend hours producing brilliant blog posts, but for building their brand and reputation as market experts, many times a picture actually is worth 1000 words.  It doesn’t take an artist or a professional photographer to produce a photo blog and regularly post pictures of interesting topics, and the value of “showing” people is far more engaging than any dialogue.

Getting the message out

Getting your messages out - digital tools for realtors

As a real estate professional you are probably out on the streets of your town quite a lot. What better opportunity to snap pictures of interesting neighborhoods, events, activities, architecture, clients, and even your own listings to post on a blog dedicated solely to pictures – snapshots of place and time.

Once a photo blog is set up, it is an effortless process to simply post images to it whenever you take an interesting shot.  Smart phone cameras have made this even easier, and uploading directly to the Posterous or other blog is drop-dead-simple.  In the case of Posterous, it is a free blogging platform that allows you to post by email. So, when the user emails their fresh photos, with title and comments, to, it is immediately published to their photo blog.  This also works with short videos, and a number of other file formats sent as attachments.

Posting to Posterious

1,2,3 and your ready to post to Posterious

PosteriousIt is incredibly easy to set up a blog on this service; just send an email to  A user account will be ready immediately for uploading and posting those candid shots that offer a sense of credibility to the places your listings reside.  And customizing Posterous does not require a degree in rocket science either.

One of its best features, is that it can be set up to automatically post across any number of social networks simultaneously –   Posterous can auto-post to FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other accounts, to spread a user’s (agent’s) photo message quickly across their social grid.  The image below is from my Posterious blog where, as you can see, I have integrated my YouTube Channel as well.

If you have thought about blogging as a means of evangelizing your realty or other business, Posterous is a great way to get your feet wet.  It is not limited to photo blogging, and many noted bloggers are using the platform for its ease of use and auto-posting power. Check it out, and get plugged into the digital real estate market. Using all the tools available, and inter-connectedly, professionals can reach clients far more effectively.

Joe Spake Posterious possibility

The Joe Spake Posterious possibilities