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Buying a Home in Sacramento? How to Make Your Offer Stand Out

By Jamie Richardson | September 6, 2019

California has one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. The Bay Area and Los Angeles region are experiencing a spike in demand, which results in rising home costs. As a result, individuals, young couples, and families are moving to Sacramento. This area is generally more affordable, with the median home value at $326,400. Compare this to the state’s median home value at $547,500.

Sacramento CA

If you are considering a move to Sacramento, you may still feel intimidated by a potentially competitive market. Fortunately, you can optimize your offer to increase your chances of securing your dream home. This guide will break down some tips for making your offer stand out as you buy house in Sacramento.

Work with a local real estate agent

Before you even think about putting in an offer, you must find a knowledgeable real estate agent to guide you through the process. They understand Sacramento’s market in depth. So, your agent can tell you which areas match your lifestyle and budget, when the best time to buy is, and what sellers are looking for in a buyer. They can also help you craft the perfect offer and negotiate once you contact the seller. A qualified agent can take your buying experience to the next level and ensure that you are making informed decisions.

Get preapproved for a mortgage

First-time home buyers often make the mistake of skipping preapproval. However, this can slow the process if you’re buying in California. Even though Sacramento’s homes are less expensive than those in the Bay Area, you still need to know how much you can afford. Otherwise, you will find your dream home only to have it pulled away while you are waiting for approval. So, be sure to shop around for lenders and seek preapproval before you start the home-hunting process. This will allow you to visit homes with a little extra peace of mind.

Pay with cash

Especially in competitive markets, it’s always best to pay with cash if you have the means. Cash offers will always catch a seller’s eye first, so this could be the ultimate way to help you stand out. For some interested buyers, this could mean renting for a few more years to save up extra money. While this certainly isn’t the right solution for everyone, having money ready up front can be an effective method to buy quickly and buy the home you want.

Send a letter

Home sellers are people too, so you may make your offer stand out by making it more personal. While this tip isn’t exclusive to Sacramento or California, it’s another way to boost your appeal as a buyer. Take the time to write a letter to the homeowners. Tell them why you want to purchase their home, why you love the property, and what living in the area would mean to you. Remember that your real estate agent likely has experience with these personal letters, so they can help you write more tactfully. While this contact is never a guarantee, it could be the finishing touch your offer needs.

Buying in Sacramento can be a great way to secure a starter home or downsize without breaking the bank. You may also be drawn to the area because of the culture or climate. No matter your intentions, be sure to do your homework before browsing potential homes. Get to know market trends, work with a real estate agent, and make a plan to bolster your offer. This effort can help the home buying process run more smoothly.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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